Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bomb Wand - Uncommon Wondrous Item

These items were dished out fairly often in my 2nd Edition AD&D games, and quickly grew to be one of the "must have" items for players. I've missed them, and thought they should be brought back to 5e.

Bomb Wand
Uncommon Wondrous Item

Created by Upper Malgorothian magi, these heavy black wands are typically plated in riveted metal and etched with evocatory runes of destruction and war. When first created they have 50 charges. To activate them, the bearer must know the correct command word. They can be fired as an action, and create a bolt of thunderous energy, which can be aimed at an enemy within 100' (ranged attack roll needed – the bearer is considered to be proficient with the wand). If the bolt hits, it inflicts 27 (5d10) points of thunder damage, half if they make a D.C. 15 Constitution saving throw. If they fail this save they are also deafened, and if they roll a natural 1 on the save, they are also stunned until they can make the save (repeated at the end of their turns).

The noise created by the wand is very loud, and will immediately alert all nearby creatures to its use. The Helldazzlers are known to favour these items, and are rumoured to have made even more potent versions that can inflict maximised damage with the expenditure of more charges, higher damage or which can fire more than one bolt simultaneously. The Aelwyn obtained the schematics for these items and mass produced them during the Aelwyn Wars, giving them to soldiers wielding Wand Pistols.

When the last charge is spent, the wand crumbles into ash. There is a 1d100% chance that 3d20 gps worth of Residuum is found amongst this.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Fire Dragonet - CR 4 (Medium Dragon - Fire)

Fire Dragonet
Medium Dragon – Fire (Unaligned)

Armour Class: 16 (Natural Armour)
Hit Points
: 97 (15d8+30)
Speed 25', Fly 60'
STR 12 (+1) DEX 13 (+1) CON 14 (+2) INT 4 (-3) WIS 10 (+0) CHA 6 (-2)
Saving Throws: Dexterity +3, Constitution +4
Skills: Perception +2
Damage Reductions: Fire 10
Damage Resistances: Fire
Senses: Darkvision 60'; Keen Senses; Passive Perception: 12
Language: Possibly Dracane
Challenge: 4 (1,100 xp)
Keen Senses: The dragonet has advantage on any Wisdom (Perception) checks it makes where its keen sense of smell or hearing can play a part.

Burning Blood: When an enemy hits the drake with a melee attack that inflicts either slashing or piercing damage, they must make a D.C. 12 Dexterity save or suffer 3 (1d6) fire damage.

Multiattack: The dragonet makes two Bite attacks. If both hit, it may make another Bite attack against a different target.
Bite: Melee weapon attack, Reach 5', +3 to hit, one target, Hit: 5 (1d8+1) piercing damage

Fireball Breath (Recharge 3-6): Range 60' All creatures within a 10' sphere suffer 16 (4d6+2) fire damage, half if they can make a D.C. 12 Dexterity save.


Tail Whip: When an adjacent enemy misses the dragonet with a melee attack (targets triggering enemy); Melee weapon attack, Reach 5', +3 to hit, one target, Hit: 6 (1d10+1) slashing damage and target must make a D.C. 12 Strength or Dexterity save or be knocked prone. 

*   *   *

My 7-year-old is due to face this beastie in his next game, now that he has tracked down the lair of the Vulgorim that lead a Gorgoth attack against the walls of the town of Meadwell. He's still finding his feet with D&D, and this will be his first proper boss fight. Of course, he has a couple of helpful NPC's tagging along, who will help shield his mage...but regardless, this will be a good test for him. 

This monster is based on the AD&D 2nd Edition version, though I added a few bits and bobs together. Note I have given it both Fire Reduction and Resistance instead of full immunity. I would work it out by reducing any fire damage by 10 first, and then halving what is left. 

 A bit like this...but much smaller...

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Pyrotrice - CR 6 (Medium Monstrosity)

Something I came up with this week after running some (doomed) Cockatrice's in the PUG. 

Medium Monstrosity (Neutral)
Armour Class: 15 (Natural Armour)
Hit Points
: 149 (23d8+46)
Speed 20'; Fly 60'
STR 8 (-1) DEX 17 (+3) CON 14 (+2) INT 4 (-3) WIS 10 (+0) CHA 5 (-3)
Saving Throws: Dexterity +6, Charisma +0
Damage Resistances: Fire
Condition Immunities: Petrification, Ongoing fire Damage
Passive Perception: 10
Challenge: 6 (2,300 xp)
Spell Like Abilities: Wisdom is the Pyrotrice's spellcasting attribute. Spell save D.C. 11, Spell Attack +3.

At-Will: Control Flames*, Pyrotechnics*
* Elemental Evil

Combusting Gaze: Whenever a sighted creature starts its turn within 20' of the Pyrotrice, it must make a D.C. 13 Constitution save or suffer 14 (4d6) Fire damage. Pyrotrice's and Pyrolisks are immune to this attack.
Stoning Peck: Melee weapon attack, Reach 5', +6 to hit, one target, Hit: 6 (1d6+3) piercing damage, and target must make a D.C. 13 Constitution save or be paralysed. At the start of their next turn, they must repeat this save. If they are successful, the paralyses ends. If they fail, they are petrified.

Petrified individuals emit constant heat, and any creature that starts their turn adjacent to them suffer 5 (1d10) points of fire damage.

Reflexive Peck: When an enemy misses the Pyrotrice with a melee attack, the monster makes a single Stoning Peck attack against them.

Whether they are the product of a chance natural pairing, or the result of deliberate cross breeding, the Pyrotrice is the offspring of a Cockatrice and a Pyrolisk. They resemble particularly wretched looking pyrolisk's with long, greasy feathers and hardened green scales. Their eyes glow with a dim yellow light, and they move in a tortured, broken manner. However, they are dimly intelligent in their own way, and are capable of seeking stronger monsters with whom to ally. They breed true with either Cockatrice or Pyrolisks, though not with their own kind. Pyrotrice eggs are lain in clutches of 3-8 eggs, and are small, black-shelled things with green yolks. Some Dundiir nobles consider them a great delicacy, and may pay up to 10 gps per egg!

These monsters can be trained (with some difficulty) to act as guards if raised from birth.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Boneclaw - CR 6 (Large Undead)

Boneclaws are towering undead that first appeared in the 3.5 Monster Manual III. As with most of the monsters I have been converting for my 5e campaigns, they were on my "use one day" list, but never saw the dark of night in either 3.5 or 4e. Anyway, they are due to shred some PC's soon, and so, I thought I would share my conversion for them.

I have slightly erred from their original incarnation, making them more deadly to melee attackers (with the Threatening Reach and Rampant Opportunist powers). If you don't like that, just remove the powers.

Large Undead (Chaotic Evil)
Armour Class: 16 (Natural Armour)
Hit Points
: 102 (12d10+36)
Speed 40'
STR 21 (+5) DEX 18 (+4) CON 16 (+3) INT 14 (+2) WIS 14 (+2) CHA 19 (+4)
Saving Throws: Dexterity +7, Wisdom +7
Skills: Investigation +8, Stealth +11, Perception +8
Damage Resistances: Slashing and Piercing
Damage Immunities: Cold, Poison, Necrotic
Condition Immunities: Diseased, Poisoned, Exhausted, Unconscious
Senses: Darkvision 60'; Passive Perception: 18
Language: Tradespeak
Challenge: 6 (2,300 XP)

As A Shadow: The Boneclaw adds twice its proficiency bonus to Dexterity (Stealth), Intelligence (Investigation) and Wisdom (Perception) checks

Threatening Reach: The Boneclaw may make an opportunity attack against any enemy it is aware of that leaves a square within its reach (20'), regardless of whether they are moving away from it or not.

Rampant Opportunist: The Boneclaw may make 4 (Dexterity Modifier) Opportunity attacks in a round, rather than one.

Vicious Claws: The Boneclaw's Shredding Claw attacks score a critical hit on a natural 19 or 20.
Multiattack: The Boneclaw makes two Shredding Claw attacks.

Shredding Claw: Melee weapon attack, Reach 20', +8 to hit, one target, Hit: 21 (3d10+5) slashing damage.

Hey! Who stole my piano?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

"Carnivorous Shadow" - Legendary Longsword

A cruel and slender longsword, seemingly made from solidified blood or some similar material. When wielded it gleams with a malevolent maroon shadow, and veins seem to pulse redly within its black, crystalline blade whenever it hits a living target. A dismal aura of dank shadows seems to hang around the thing always, and even the most dimwitted individual can discern it is an instrument of darkness.

Carnivorous Shadow : +2 Vampiric Longsword

Legendary Weapon (Requires Attunement).
  •  Inflicts +1d8 necrotic damage per hit.
  • Scores a critical hit on a natural 19 or 20.
  • On a crit vs a living target, inflicts +2d10 necrotic, and the wielder gains the damage inflicted, including the extra necrotic, as healing. If wielder is at max hpts, the excess are temporary hit points that remain until their next long rest.
  • Those dedicated to darkness and death recognise the blade and its wielder as a servant of evil (and its touch is abhorrent to one who does not serve such foul things). Charisma based checks when engaging with such individuals have advantage.
  • The same checks suffers disadvantage when the wielder is engaging with those that do not serve dark, unnatural powers.
  • A warlock can use this sword as an implement.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Wrack Construct (3rd Level Transmutation)

Artificer and Rogue spell lists

Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: 60'
Components: V, S, M (Small piece of metal that is Snapped or crushed as the spell is cast)
Saving Throw: Partial

This spell only works against constructs and living constructs. When cast, a flickering bolt of disruptive energy darts from your fingers and strikes the target. It inflicts 5d6 damage, which ignores all resistances and immunities. Furthermore, until the end of your next turn, the target looses all immunities, resistances and fortification. The target is allowed a Constitution saving throw to halve the damage and to avoid loosing it's defensive properties.

At a Higher Level: If prepared with a higher level spell slot, this spell inflicts +2d6 damage for every level higher than 3rd the used slot is.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Necrosis Carnex - CR 3 (Medium Undead)

The Necrosis Carnex is a fabulously creepy and disturbing thing; a random mishmash of limbs and rotting tissues, held together with leather strips, rusting staples and crude stitching. They are yet another beastie that is on my "I must use these"list, which, at the time of writing, have not made it into any games...That will change however....here are my 5e stats for this repugnant horror.

Necrosis Carnex
Medium Undead (Neutral Evil)

Armour Class: 15 (Natural Armour)
Hit Points
: 67 (9d8+27)
Speed 40'
STR 12 (+1) DEX 17 (+3) CON 16 (+3) INT 2 (-4) WIS 12 (+1) CHA 7 (-2)
Saving Throws: Dexterity +5, Constitution +5
Skills: Acrobatics +5, Athletics +3
Damage Resistances: Bludgeoning damage from non-magical weapons, Psychic
Damage Immunities: Necrotic, Poison
Damage Vulnerability: Radiant
Condition Immunities: Blinded, Deafened, Frightened, Poisoned, Exhausted, Unconscious, Disease, Charmed, Confused
Senses: Blindsight 60' (Blind beyond this range); Passive Perception: 13
Language: Understands creator's language
Challenge: 3 (700 XP)

Malign Aura: Living creatures not allied with the Carnex within 30' of it suffer disadvantage on attack rolls and saving throws. If they are immune to necrotic damage or death effects, they are immune to this.

Unholy Burst: When reduced to 0 hit points, all creatures within 30' of the Carnex, suffer 17 (5d6) Necrotic damage (half if they make a D.C. 13 Constitution save). Undead in the area are healed for the same amount. If they are at maximum hit points, they gain the excess as temporary hit points (these fade after 1 hour).
Multiattack: The Carnex makes two Necrotic Touch attacks.

Necrotic Touch: Melee weapon attack, Reach 5', +3 to hit, one target, Hit: 10 (2d6+3) Necrotic damage. Undead are healed for the same amount, or, if at maximum hit points, gain the damage as temporary hit points (these fade after 1 hour). 

 Attempts to create a real life "push-me-pull-you" were not going well....
....not well at all...

Monday, 16 March 2015

Weakened Condition in 5e

Weakened: You suffer disadvantage on all Strength based attack rolls, Skill and ability checks, and inflict half damage with all Strength based attacks.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Eye of Fear and Flame - CR 7 (Medium Undead)

You know what? I have never had chance to use one of these guys, even though I love the idea of them, and have wanted to ever since first getting my grubby mitts on a copy of the 1st Edition AD&D Fiend Folio. Fortunately, I do believe I will have chance to get them into one of my games, and so, here are the stats I have come up with for 5e!

Eye of Fear and Flame
Medium Undead (Chaotic Evil)
Armour Class: 14 (Natural Armour)
Hit Points
: 142 (19d8+57)
Speed 30'
STR 17 (+3) DEX 14 (+2) CON 16 (+3) INT 18 (+4) WIS 17 (+3) CHA 19 (+4)
Saving Throws: Dexterity +5, Wisdom +6, Charisma +7
Skills: Arcana +7, Religion +6
Damage Resistances: Slashing, Piercing
Damage Immunities: Cold, Poison
Condition Immunities: Blinded (Reflect Magics), Disease, Exhausted, Frightened, Poisoned, Unconscious
Senses: Darkvision 120'; Truesight 60'; Passive Perception: 16
Language: Varies
Challenge: 7 (2,900 XP)
Reflect Magics: If any kind of spell intended to effect vision is cast upon the Eye of Fear and Flame, it is reflected back at its caster, who is treated as the target instead.

Turn Resistance: The Eye of Fear and Flame has advantage on saving throws against Turn Undead.

Innate Spellcasting: The Eye of Fear and Flame can cast a number of spells without the need of material components. Its spellcasting attribute is Charisma. The save D.C. Of its spells is 15, and its Spell Attack modifier is +7

At-Will: Detect Evil and Good, Detect Thoughts
2/Day: Etherealness

Multiattack: The Eye of Fear and Flame makes two claw attacks or a single Claw attack and either a Eye of Fear or an Eye of Flame attack.

Claw: Melee weapon attack, Reach 5', +6 to hit, one target, Hit: 10 (2d6+3) slashing damage.

Eye of Fear (Recharge 5-6): All creatures in a 60' cone must make a D.C. 15 Wisdom saving throw or be affected by the Fear spell for up to 10 minutes.

Eye of Flame (Recharge 5-6): Creates a 20' diameter sphere of fire within 120'. All creatures in the area of the attack suffer 28 (8d6) Fire damage and 28 (8d6) Necrotic damage, half if they make a D.C. 15 Dexterity saving throw. 

 Oh Gods! I'm not an Eye of Fear and Flame....some jerk just fired these burning gems in my face.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Warforged Sub-Race - Woeforged

The idea of the Woeforged was voiced in one of the Eberron books - undead warforged wandering the land, lost and hate filled. Any of you that have read the early adventures of Ormid and the gang, will know that they have faced more than a few of these things, and as the Veteran's tale draws to its end (assuming they survive of course), they will face many, many more.

However, I thought it might be cool to offer them as a sub-race for my Warforged race (which is very different from the official one, having many more resistances and immunities, but being much harder to heal).

WOE FORGED (Warforged Sub-Race)

You are an undead warforged, an unliving construct, brought to life either deliberately, or through some strange turn of events. Many warforged slain in the Sundering reanimated as Woeforged, and it is well known that the Template Deity Veteran along with his allies faced armies of these things in battle.

In addition to the race's base powers you gain.

  1. +1 Charisma
  2. Your type becomes undead
  3. You gain Darkvision 60'
  4. Your chance of ignoring a Critical Hit increases to 50%
  5. Your Necrotic Reduction increases to twice your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus +1
  6. You have disadvantage when saving against attacks that inflict Radiant damage

Friday, 13 March 2015

Guardian Daemon - CR 11 (Large Fiend)

Nestled away in the 1st Edition AD&D Fiend Folio is a potent monster conjured by some to watch over their treasures or lairs. It is a monster I later farmed for XP in Eye of the Beholder 2: Legend of Darkmoon, suffering more than a few close calls as my characters labored to bring the brutes down. Now it can haunt the vaults and halls of your own games. Enjoy!

Guardian Daemon
Large Fiend (Neutral Evil)
Armour Class: 16 (Natural Armour)
Hit Points
: 230 (20d10+120)
Speed 40'
STR 19 (+4) DEX 12 (+1) CON 22 (+6) INT 15 (+2) WIS 17 (+3) CHA 20 (+5)
Saving Throws: Constitution +10, Intelligence +6, Wisdom +7, Charisma +9
Skills: Investigation +6
Damage Resistances: Slashing, Piercing and Bludgeoning by weapons that are not made form Cold Iron or are Magical; Variable Resistance 3/day
Damage Immunities: Daemonic Warding
Condition Immunities: Frightened, Unconscious, Poisoned, Polymorph, Petrified, Paralysed
Senses: Darkvision 120', Truesight 30' ;Passive Perception: 17
Language: Telepathy 100'
Challenge: 11 (7,200 XP)
Daemonic Warding: Each Daemon is immune to three specific forms of damage. For example, one may be immune to slashing damage, fire and lightning, whilst another may be immune to cold, bludgeoning damage and sneak attacks.

Variable Resistance: 3/day, when the Daemon would take acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison or thunder damage, it gains resistance to that energy type for 1 hour. This applies to the triggering damage as well as all subsequent damage of that type.

Muliattack: The Daemon makes two claw attacks and a bite attack.

Bite: Melee weapon attack, Reach 5', +8 to hit, one target, Hit: 17 (2d12+4) piercing damage.

Claws: Melee weapon attack, Reach 5', +8 to hit, one target, Hit: 11 (2d6+4) slashing damage, and moves target to a square it can see within 1d4 x 5' of its current position (D.C. 16 Strength or Dexterity check negates this move). Hit Natural 15+: Target must make a D.C. 16 Strength or Dexterity check or also be knocked prone.

Daemonfire (Recharge 5-6; Automatically when Daemon first reaches half total hit points): The Daemon breathes a 30' cone of green, blue and black flame, which inflicts  24 (7d6)  fire, 24 (7d6)  cold and 24 (7d6) force damage (D.C. 18 Dexterity save for half). Failed Save 4+: Target is also stunned until they make a D.C. 18 Constitution save (they may do this at the end of their turns).

No omelette for you!!!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Gobbuth - Greater Daemon of Gluttony - CR 21 (Huge Fiend)

Gobbuth is one of a seemingly endless number of "greater" daemons; obscene, blasphemous spirits of ineffable malice, cunning and spite. He is described as taking on a number of forms, all of which are horrific and studded with wide slavering mouths. One of the most commonly given descriptions of him (and the form for which the stats below are given) is of a hairless, red or green skinned humanoid of impossible obesity. His mouth is wide and lipless; pulled constantly into a hungry leer. A sharp, hooked nose hangs over this, twitching as it sniffs out his next meal, and his eyes - which are said to be small, yellow and perfectly round - are described as "blazing" when they spot some new morsel to consume. He moves with terrifying speed in spite of his bulk, and is surrounded by a cloud of his own flatus and the stinking gasses released by the food that rots within the folds of his morbidly swollen form. Some accounts say that if one were to lift the folds of fat that hang from him, you would find that they act as lips to even more mouths - though these are shark like and huge.

 He is said to instill greed in mortals of the culinary kind; his influence making people glut themselves to death on anything they can fit in their mouths. Several cannibal cults are supposedly aligned to this daemon's teachings, and at least one ancient tale tells of an order of mages that feasted for three days solidly after summoning him to fight for them - only to die from ruptured stomachs and heart failure at the end of it.

On Arbel'Verdaniss, he is mentioned here are there, mostly in late 1st Age and early 2nd Age fragments that detail the conflicts between various mage clans and the last vestiges of the ancient Daemonori. Gobbuth is recorded in the Codices Infernatum Volume 423, kept in the Unified Order archives at Vistus Arcanai, where it is suggested he may have been bound, some time in the early 2nd Age, to a physical plane prison by a daemon binding witch hunter of that time named Casper Thaed. Whether or not this is true (Caspar is not recorded in any church's documentation - although records from such ancient times are impossibly few and far between) is, of course, unknown.

Anyway, just in case he does get free...here are his stats.

Gobbuth – Greater Daemon of Gluttony
Huge FiendShapeshifter, Demon (Chaotic Evil)

Armour Class: 24 (Natural Armour)
Hit Points
: 334 (23d12+184)
Speed 45'

STR 25 (+7) DEX 15 (+2) CON 26 (+8) INT 19 (+4) WIS 20 (+5) CHA 22 (+6)

Saving Throws: Strength +13, Constitution +14, Wisdom +11
Skills: Arcana +10, Intimidate +12, Deception +12
Damage Resistances: Variable Resistance 6/day; Acid, Cold, Fire, Poison
Damage Immunities: Psychic; Slashing, Piercing and Bludgeoning from weapons less than +2 enchantment
Damage Vulnerability: Cold Iron and +3 or better
Condition Immunities: Legendary Resilience; Poisoned, Unconscious, Polymorph, Petrification, Frightened, Charmed
Senses: Darkvision 240', Truesight 100', Daemonsight ;Passive Perception: 21
Language: Telepathy 200'
Challenge: 21 (33,000 XP)


Flatulent Aura: Enemies that start their turn within 60' of Gobbuth must make a D.C. 22 Constitution save or be Poisoned and Slowed (as if by the Slow spell) until the end of their next turn.

Legendary Resilience: When Gobbuth is hit by, or fails his save against an attack that would cause him to be Stunned, Blinded, Deafened or Paralysed, he suffers disadvantage on attack rolls for the same duration instead.

Legendary Resistance: 3/day when Gobbuth fails a saving throw, he can choose to succeed at it instead.

Magic Weapons: Gobbuths attacks are considered to be made from Magic Weapons of +2 enchantment.

Daemonsight: Gobbuth can see through magical as well as normal darkness.

Vicious Acid: Acid damage inflicted by Gobbuth ignores resistance, and up to 30 points of reduction.

Regeneration: Gobbuth heals 35 (10d6) hit points at the start of each of his turns, unless he has taken damage the round before from a +3 or better enchanted Cold Iron weapon.

Spell Resistance: Gobbuth has advantage on saving throws against all spells and spell like abilities.

Variable Resistance: When Gobbuth is hit by an attack that inflicts Lightning, Thunder, or Necrotic damage, he gains Resistance to the triggering attack and energy type for 1 hour.

Innate Spellcasting: Gobbuth can cast the following spells without needing the material components. He is a 19th level caster, and his spellcasting attribute is Charisma. Save D.C. Is 20, and Spell Attack, modifier is +12

At-Will: Fire Bolt, Shocking Grasp, Fog Cloud, Plane Shift
5/Day: Blur, Hold Monster, Melf's Acid Arrow*, Fireball*, Dimension Door, Fear, Bane
3/Day: Stinking Cloud, Slow, Wall of Force, Finger of Death, Animate Dead, Harm
1/Day: Power Word Kill, Feeblemind, Gate
* Cast at 2 levels higher


Multiattack: Gobbuth may make two Consuming Bite attacks.

Consuming Bite: Melee weapon attack, Reach 10', +13 to hit, one or two adjacent targets, Hit: 17 (1d20+7) piercing damage, plus 22 (4d10) acid damage. Target must make a D.C. 21 Dexterity save when bitten, or be swallowed by the Daemon. Swallowed creatures are blinded, deafened and restrained, and at the start of their turn suffer 35 (10d6) Acid damage, half if they make a D.C. 21 Constitution save. As an action, a swallowed creature may try to escape the stomach. This requires that they make either a D.C. 22 Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check. Success means they appear in a square adjacent to Gobbuth. Hit Natural 16+: The target's worn armour or shield has its protection value reduced by 1d4 (multiple hits are cumulative). If this total equals or exceeds 5, the item is destroyed. Special: A creature that dies whilst swallowed by Gobbuth is consumed utterly and cannot be brought back by any means short of a Wish or the intervention of a Deity. Gobbuth will gain a number of temporary hit points equal to the slain creature's level (or CR) x 5 when this occurs.

Devouring Vomit (Recharge 5-6; Automatically when Gobbuth first reaches half hit points): Gobbuth brings forth a blast of unholy acids in a 50' cone. All creatures within this suffer 117 (26d8) Acid damage, half if they make a D.C. 22 Dexterity save. Failed Save by 5+: Targets worn armour and or shield's defence value is reduced by 1d6. Multiple hits stack, and if the total penalty equals or exceeds 5, the item is destroyed. Special: When this attack is used, any swallowed creatures appear prone within the cone, within 1d6x 5' of the Daemon.

Summon (1/day): Gobbuth may summon 2d4 Daemons of CR 10 or below with a 75% chance of success, or 1d2 Daemons of CR 11-15 with a 25% chance of success. These monsters remain until slain or for 24 hours, whichever comes first. They cannot be turned against Gobbuth under anything other than the most exceptional of circumstances.


Threatening Reach: Gobbuth can make opportunity attacks against any enemy that leaves a square within reach, and not only when they move away from him.

Battle Shift: When Gobbuth is flanked, he may move up to 15' without provoking an opportunity attack.

Retaliatory Bite: When Gobbuth is hit by a critical hit, he may make a Consuming Bite attack against the one that scored it. If the creature is within 45', Gobbuth can move before making this attack as part of this same action.


Belly Shove: One target within 10' of Gobbuth must make a contested strength check with Gobbuth or be pushed 1d4 x5'. If they fail the check by 6+, they are knocked prone.


Gobbuth can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. The daemon regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Bite (1 action): Gobbuth makes a single Consuming Bite attack

Foul Flatus (2 actions): All creatures within Gobbuth's Flatulent Aura must make a D.C. 22 Constitution save, or be poisoned. At the start of each of their turns, they may save again to end this effect, though if they are still within 60' of Gobbuth, they suffer disadvantage on this save.

Recharge (1 action): Gobbuth re-rolls the recharge on his Devouring Vomit attack with a +1 bonus

Recharge and Retch (2 actions): As above, but Gobbuth then makes his Devouring Vomit attack.

 Did you know, give or take for the organs, there are about 110,000 calories in one of these?

Friday, 27 February 2015

A Quartet of Epic Boons

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to any of you that I love epic level play. I adore the stupidly over the top adventures that heroes of high power encounter, and love the scale of such games. Therefore, I was quite pleased to see, built into the core game of 5e, a mechanism for having those kinds of games, without things getting insanely out of control for the GM.

Since first seeing the Epic Boons (DMG, p. 231-232), I have been thinking about the kinds of things I would want to see. I always felt that epic powers should break the core rules of the game in cool ways, and am really pleased with the ones presented there. However, I have a few more to add (and I suspect, many, many more to come), which I recognise may have the potential to be unbalanced...but which I suspect won't actually be that terrible, and will definitely be amazing for players. See what you think!

When you hit with an attack, inflict additional damage equal to 20 + the number of epic boons your possess. Once you have used this power, you cannot use it until you have had a long rest. You may take this power more than once. Each time you do, you may use it one more time per long rest.

You can now have up to four items attuned at once

You can concentrate on two spells or effects at once

You gain a virtual spell slot 1 level higher than your highest spell slot. This can be used only for the purpose of casting a spell at a higher level.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Feat: Eschew Material Components

You have learned ways gathering the energies needed to cast spells, without needing to rely so often on material components.


* You no longer need mundane material components to cast your spells. Mundane components are those with no listed cost.

* When you cast a spell with a material component with a specified cost, make a saving throw. The ability you save with is your spell casting attribute, and the D. C.  is 20 + The spells level. If you succeed, the component is not consumed, and may be used again.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Arcane Ooze - CR 8

Continuing my efforts to convert some of the stranger and less used beasties to 5e, here is the Arcane Ooze - a strange critter from the 3.5 Monster Manual III

Arcane Ooze
Huge Ooze (Unaligned)
Armour Class: 5
Hit Points
: 137 (13d12+65)
Speed 20'; Climb 20' (Spider Climb)
STR 19 (+4) DEX 1 (-5) CON 21 (+5) INT 2 (-4) WIS 2 (-4) CHA 1 (-5)
Saving Throws: Strength +8, Constitution +9
Damage Immunities: Immune to Magic; Fortification 50%
Condition Immunities: Blind, Prone, Frightened
Senses: Blindsight 60' (Blind beyond this); Passive Perception: 6
Challenge: 8 (3,900 xp)
Immunity To Magic: The Ooze is immune to all spells that allow a saving throw. In addition, lightning damage effects it as if it was under a Haste spell for 3 rounds (does not suffer lethargy when the effect ends), and Acid damage heals it for an amount equal to the damage it would have caused.

Oozy Form: The Ooze can move through a gap as small as 1' in diameter without suffering any kind of penalty, due to its fluid form.

Spell Siphon: When a spell caster starts their turn within 60' of the Ooze, they must make a D.C. 17 Constitution save, or their highest spell slot is erased as if they had used it to cast a spell. For each spell slot it consumes in this way, the Ooze gains temporary hit points equal to the slot's level x5. The Ooze must have line of effect to the caster for this power to function.

Multiattack: Ooze makes two Corrosive Pseudopod attacks.

Corrosive Pseudopod: Melee weapon attack, Reach 10', +8 to hit, one target, Hit: 17 (2d12+4) bludgeoning damage plus 14 (4d6) Acid damage. Target must make a D.C. 16 Strength save when hit or be Grappled until they can succeed (They may try on their turn as an action to repeat the saving throw). The Ooze may have up to four medium creature's grappled at once. Creatures that start their turn grappled by the Ooze suffer 14 (4d6) Acid damage.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ormid et Al - Unexpected Enemies, A Loss, Death Runes and Steel Spikes

13/7/51: 12:00 – 12:25: Still battered, bruised and tired from their travails in the halls of the Vulgorim, the group find themselves in Laeran; a young settlement that has rapidly grown in power due to its position at the crossroads between the North Republic's greatest cities. It is a place grown rich on the trade that is conducted within its walls, a realm of wide roads and sturdy, stone buildings, that is home to an ever growing population. As the party walk towards their meeting, they notice that most of the folks about are either humans or dundiir, although a few vyrleen are also seen going about their business. They also notice that there are few temples – though they know this is linked to the cities founding* - though shrines to various heroes of the 2nd Age are prominent all over the place, and at least one chapel dedicated to Rithuen'Ardanna is seen.

It is a grey, overcast day, a light, chill rain drizzling from on high, and the group are soaked by the time they find the Jaded Monk; a well built structure with a slate and tile roof, and a sign depicting a bored looking friar sat with his back to two semi-nude nymphs. Coal smoke drifts from its chimney, promising a warm fire and food within, and the group eagerly approach its heavy front door. They enter the place with the minimum of fuss, and soon learn that they are expected; their “business meeting” taking place on the second floor. Scanning the room, the vyrleen is immediately aware of more than a few individuals who are clearly servants of the TKSG scattered about - here no doubt as muscle should the meeting go awry.

Two guards dressed in chainmail and bearing heavy blades watch the door to the chamber where the meeting is to be held. The group are searched, but neither guard has the will or guts to request they hand in their various weapons, and a growl from the warforged sends them scurrying back. The meeting room consists of two chambers; the first, a welcoming room is the one the group step into. The other is a similarly sized room complete with fireplace, table and chairs, linked to the first by a short, wide corridor. The group are shown through to the second room by a pale skinned vyrleen who wears long dark robes, which flare into a rather dramatic collar. Hair slicked back, his goatee thickly oiled, this individual introduces himself as Kestrel Mirrendale; personal advisor to Khorven Dulsiir, and arch-magus of the Tanners and Knife Sharpeners Guild.

In the next room, stood behind the table waits a squat man with a wide smile. He is in his late thirties, and by the looks of his face, has endured more than a few sound beatings in the past; his nose bent from several breaks, a number of pale scars pulling his pockmarked face in several directions. He is dressed simply – though all spy the fine blade he keeps at his hip, and the glimmering rings that adorn his fingers – and seem genuinely pleased to see the group.

“May I introduce Master Khorven Dulsiir. Head of the Guild, and my patron”, declares Kestrel in a smooth voice, sweeping his hand towards the man.

The group nod a greeting, and Khorven bids them sit, in a warm but firm manner.

As the group settle, Kestrel announces that he is going to secure the room against any scrying attempts or mundane attempts to listen in, and Khorven states that they shall wait until he is done before discussing anything “of a sensitive nature”. As he says this, all catch the less than friendly look he gives Llewellyn, and for a second the group wonder what lies in store.

Khorven pours the artificer and rogue a drink, whilst the Veteran and Ferrous wait patiently. In the other room, they can hear the vyrleen chanting, the air tingling with power as he wreathes it with his abjurations. The first spells are harmless enough; seeming only to lend a thickness to the air that stifles sound and makes everything feel somewhat muffled. However, as he moves through the second chant, the artificer realises something is wrong; the words – sharp and sibilant – being ones he recognises as...

Khorven sees Ormid's face, and the artificer realises from his reaction that he has no idea what is going on either. Sensing something – a pressure that is building that all recognise as the forging of an interdimensional portal – the group stand, their chairs falling back. In the other room, they can see Kestrel has his arms raised, the air before him puckered and warped, his eyes shining brilliant crimson as his mouth works the vile words of his spell.

“Get him!” Shrieks Ormid, his battlefist powering up, “Get him before he can finish the spell!”

But it's too late...it is complete, and suddenly the portal throbs open, a wave of chill stench blasting into the room on the horrifying gusts of a sound that causes all in the room (apart from Kestrel, who is laughing madly, his eyes still shining, his eye teeth suddenly elongated into sharp canines) to flinch in shock.

It is a dirge of purest sorrow; a cacophony of wailing, screaming and weeping that triggers profound misery in all the living souls in the room, slowing their reactions and distracting them somewhat from what they must do. It tears at their minds and crushes their hope, calling forth memories of such loss and sadness that all struggle to concentrate on anything else.

“W-What is that?” Gasps Ormid, shaking his head as if trying to dislodge the dirge.

“I don't know.” Screams Khorven, shaking and pale, “This is nothing to do with me!”

Kestrel has already cast another spell, his form suddenly flickering and shimmering as if caught in the midst of a potent mirage, and the group realise that if they don't fight through their shock, their enemies will soon end them.

Suddenly, four pale humanoids dressed in the dark clothes of Khorven's guild, step through the portal, and the guild masters gasps as he recognises them as men he thought alive until now. Each have feral, burning eyes of blood red, pale skin and extended eye teeth. All bear the wounds that so recently saw them transformed into fledgling cold ones. They bear short swords, and move with an unnatural fluid grace and speed, that only enhances their unearthly menace. Like Kestrel, these vampires are unaffected by the horrific screams and wails that issue from the portal, seeming to relish the despair it instils in the group.
And then, as the vampires stalk towards the party (save one, that draws a crossbow and stands as guardian with Kestrel), the source of the hellish wailing appears; emerging slowly from the portal in a pool of its own shadow. It is a humanoid apparition that appears as a tormented male wrapped in bloodied and tattered robes. Its spectral skin is covered in scratches and cuts, and cruel lengths of leather have been bound tightly across its form, biting into it. It is lipless, and its mouth is locked wide open, allowing it to issue the painful song of ultimate loss and misery that curdles the air. However, most horrific of all, the undead things eyes are gone having been replaced by several cruel nails, which have been driven deep into its eye sockets. From these wounds drips a constant flow of corrosive black gore, which trickles onto the monsters' talons, and into its mouth.

“You thought you would undo the glorious plans of the Masters of all Shadows did you!” Screams Kestrel, his hands already moving to start another spell, “Thought you would disrupt his ineffable designs?”

Somehow Ormid manages, through the sorrow that swallows him, to work a spell, enhancing the warforged's weapon, honing its blade to an impossible sharpness. Seeing this, Kestrel spits out another complex spell, and a blinding beam of brilliant green energy flashes from his fingers to strike Ferrous, half the defender's side simply vanishing in a burst of lambent particles. Veteran charges forwards, his axe snarling as flames begin to jet from its blade. He is stopped by one of the vampires, who jabs twice at his chest, the blade turning off his armour. In response, he hacks the undead things three times, each blow carving a cavernous steaming, spitting wound into it. As the last blow hits, the vampire collapses into a cloud of dirty mist, which flows as if alive towards and into the portal. Another of the vampire rogues leaps towards the warforged, half its head vanishing as Khorven, tears in his eyes, fires a shot from a rune carved pistol**. The bullet hits home, blasting a crater in its head. The monster, unfazed, lands in front of the Veteran, its blade snaking out and finding a gap in his armour. As it stands, the warrior watches in grim fascination as the vampire's head begins to pull itself together, its unholy necromantic metabolism healing its wounds at an impossible rate.

Suddenly Llewellyn appears next to the warforged, the Momentum sweeping out before him. He leaps towards the undead rogue attacking the Veteran, and then leaps away without making an attack, the horror instinctively trying to stab him. However, the rogue twists in such a way that the blade misses, and the vampire ends up somehow stabbing itself. Still in motion, the vyrleen repeats this manoeuvre against a second rogue, and then against Kestrel himself.

Infuriated, Kestrel glares intensely at the back of the warforged's head, allowing his potent undead psyche to reach forth. “Friend,” he whispers into his mind, “we are not enemies. We are both soldiers that serve a great destiny. Fight with me against these fools. Help me to...” A spear of hot agony flashes across the front of his face as the warforged manages to push his suggestions away, sending the vampire mage's head snapping back with a hiss.

“Bastard!” He curses, sweeping his hand out, and filling the back chamber with withering flame; blasting the grievously wounded Iron Defender to the ground, its systems overwhelmed, its artificial life ebbing. The artificer and guild master are also badly burned in the sudden eruption of raw destructive magic – though at the flame's touch, the artificer's daemon amulet begins to shine with a sickly light, shielding him against any further fiery attacks.

The vampire facing the Veteran is dispatched; easily avoiding a huge chop that would have destroyed it, only to find the Annihilator in its chest twice more a split second later. Like its companion, at the moment of death, it melts into a scudding mass of oily mist, flowing weakly towards the portal. Still reeling from the horrible screams of the Wheep, the warforged moves towards it, his blade swinging. Similarly, the rogue hurls his mace towards it, the Adamant head becoming lensed as it gathers unnatural momentum and gravity about itself, gathering mass and lethality as it flies. Both attacks strike the vile spirit, devastating the thing; its shrieks of misery only increasing as they carve into its semi-solid form, the icy cold of death stinging Veteran's arms as he hits. A bullet from Khorven's pistol strikes the horror in the chest, and with a final ululating scream it vanishes – the sudden lack of its screams shocking to the living in the chamber.

Kestrel reacts with fury at this as the rogue cartwheels away to intercept another of the Vampire spawn, his mace devastating its neck and upper chest as it slams home, screaming the words to another potent spell. In the back chamber, Ormid has just finished applying reparative oils and spells to the downed Defender. However, his ears prick up as he hears the vampire mage's chants, and he dives back, screaming a warning. As this happens, the rooms are briefly flooded with blinding light as a cone of dizzying, blasting, blinding colours – brighter than the sun and heavy with magic – explode from Kestrel's hands, engulfing the two rogues and the Defender. Bathed in crimson light, the vyrleen feels the band of the Flame's Essence grow intensely cold on his finger, as it utterly absorbs the fiery energy of the spell. Ferrous is struck by a hazy wave of dazzling blue energy, his body immediately becoming covered in frost, his suddenly frozen vital fluids erupting through his armoured exterior before he crashes, damaged beyond consciousness again, to the ground.
However, Ferrous is lucky compared to poor Khorven. Leaping to avoid a vivid green stream, the guild leader is struck by a arcing current of violet magic. He screams as it strikes him immediately blind, and sinks to his knees as the violet energy grows brighter and more dense about him, seeming to utterly consume him. He manages a final scream before, with a pop of displaced air, he vanishes, leaving no trace.

Seeing this, the final lesser vampire is dispatched, and the group move to take out the mage. Llewellyn leaps towards him, mace swinging, but is stopped mid-stride as Kestrel's preternatural will hammers into his mind, compelling him to stop and to attack the Warforged. For the briefest moment, the command takes, and Llewellyn falters in his approach. Ormid works more healing spells; shattering a luminous vial of alchemical fluids on the ceiling, soaking the party, the mix restoring their bodies somewhat, and the Veteran slashes out at the mage, striking him firmly, a hiss of furious protest escaping the vampire's blue tinged lips. In response, Kestrel leaps back, and utters a coughing, sharp word of power, thrusting his hand at the warrior.

And at once, the warforged disappears...

...finding himself in another place – a realm of surreal, warped, shifting walls and endless unreal corridors. With a metallic growl of frustration, he begins to move forwards, desperate to find his way out of the extraplanar labyrinth to which he has been sent. For what seems like an eternity he wanders, unable to make sense of the constantly changing maze, with its strange angles, illogical patterns and impossible configurations, and he begins to wonder if he will ever find a way out....until....

Suddenly he is back in the chamber, the air still thick with the stink of undeath and cold magic. Across the way, he sees Kestrel spinning back, his ribcage caved in by a massive blow from Llewellyn's mace – the rogue having called upon his stubborn free will, to drive the vampire's insidious commands from his mind. The warforged can see that the blow has rendered the undead mage insensible for a moment, and he is tumbling, helplessly, towards the portal he opened, which is beginning to collapse without its caster to sustain it.

Gasping, the artificer stumbles into the chamber, watching Kestrel fly back.

“The portal!” He yells, “It's our only chance to get to the heart of all this!”

Reaching out with his arcane strength, the artificer manages to “grasp” the fraying form of the portal (in a metaphysical sense). He gasps as he feels terrific forces pulling at him, and grits his teeth as he pours his will into its structure, reinforcing it as it begins to lose cohesion. Trusting Ormid, the rest of the group leap towards it, their journey becoming a terrifying, chaotic horror ride as the artificer, following, is no longer able to keep it stable...

.Up and down lose meaning.....
.Snatches of sounds from unknowable sources roll around them....
....Dizziness....Nausea.....Screaming......And then......

...Order reasserts itself, and the group are dropped in a pile of flailing limbs and pained moans...

12:25 – 12:40 They are in a sewer tunnel, the air thick with the stench of ordure and foul water. The one they stand in is bone dry however, one end of it sealed by a steaming fall of scummy, stinking water. At the other end is a wall, within which stands a very sturdy door of metal.

“Shouldn't we have appeared right where the treacherous bastard went?” Snarls the Veteran.

“The portal collapsed as we entered it.” Replies Ormid, “In truth, we are lucky we weren't catapulted into some random dimension, or embedded in solid stone”.

“What happened to Khorven?” Whispers the rogue.

Ormid says nothing, and instead just shakes his head.

The door is checked by Ormid for the presence of magic, and he immediately senses an incredibly potent ward on it. Gingerly, he reaches out towards it, allowing the form and flow of the energies to reach back. After a few seconds he withdraws sharply with a gasp.

“Symbol of Death”, he whispers, before loudly warning his allies. “Far more potent magic than even Kestrel was using. I have a horrible feeling there is more to all this than simply him and his treachery.”

“Can you get rid?” Asks Llewelyn.

“I can, though it won't be easy, and if I mess up...”

Everyone except the artificer exits the tunnel, wincing as they slosh through the disturbingly warm waters that gush from above the tunnel's opposite end, trying not to think about their source or contents.

Licking his lips, Ormid closes his eyes and once more allows his supernatural awareness to extend towards the vicious black tangle of runes and glyphs that ward the door – a hidden matrix of spells that, if triggered, would unleash a blast of death magic that would stop his and the rest of the group's hearts instantly. Carefully, he picks mentally at them, gently teasing them apart and forcing them to adopt new configurations, allowing the lethal energy to flow gently away. The physical world fades as he concentrates completely on the task, his heart slowing to a crawl as a detached calm envelops his being. Slowly, carefully, he applies pressures to the strands, and little by little, bit by bit, they begin to come apart, gently releasing their deadly payload into the aether.

Ormid returns to reality, suddenly aware of a lightness to the very essence of the air that the invisible death rune was suppressing, although another energy – the unmistakable psychic stench of a fiendish presence – rushes to fill the sudden void.

Soaking in sewer water, the Veteran smashes the door down, and at once the air is filled with distant sounds of screaming and hissing, as well as the charnel stench of undeath. Immediately beyond the door is a small, neat, dressed stone chamber, wreathed in shadows. A single descending stairway to the right is the only exit, and it is from there that the sounds and stinks emit.

“Ready?” Asks Ormid, before striding in. The others begin to follow, but stop sharply as the floor suddenly erupts with slender spikes of steel, several of which punch into the artificer's body, briefly lifting him off the ground before slamming him down hard on the ground. Gasping, Ormid scrambles to his feet, blood pooling beneath him. He manages to leap out just before the spikes stab up again, crashing at his allies feet....

“Guess....guess I missed that one.” He wheezes, blood still pouring from his wounds.

* At the end of the Age of Loss, about 100 years before, the Cellinthar'Valladirite leaders, the “Council of Ten”, elected to turn their city into a holy site, utterly dedicated to their deity. This unfortunately meant forcing those not of the Cellinthar'Valladirite faith to leave. Thousands were displaced, each given a small stipend to help them “resettle”, and to this day, there is no love lost between the people of Laeran and the Holy Guides.

** This weapon is clearly enchanted, for although it creates the usual cloud of smoke and flash, no sound issues from its heavy, blunt barrel.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Ormid and the Gang Ride Again!

After several months of conversion and conversation, everyone's fave artificer, warforged prototype and easily bored rogue are back tonight!

And things haven't improved since the last edition really...