Session Update - 27/4/09

Just finished another game (and as you will see, it's been a beauty - a proper old school dungeon crawl). Here are the time line entries for it - I'll be chatting a bit about my logic behind a lot of it tomorrow, or the day after. Enjoy!

22:00 – With a blizzard sweeping across the ledge outside, the group head into the Dundorin passage, and into the Deeps...

22:15 – [Sunrod 1 of 6 used] Group come to the bottom of the stairs. Small room with closed heavy doors. The doors bear an inscription that states that if they are closed, death stalks the halls beyond

- Group go through the doors, after spotting and disabling the swinging spike wall trap that guards them

- Corridor beyond continues a little way, and then is almost entirely blocked by rubble. Brundorson states this was a deliberate cave in, caused to try and seal the stronghold beyond

- A crawlway is found

22:35 – 23:00 – Group crawl through wretchedly tight and claustrophobic spaces between collapsed rubble and stone, eventually emerging into a large hall of shattered pillars and mouldering rock. Strong smell of rust, and a slight breeze.

23:10 – After initial searches suggest this is a dead end, another crawlway out is found. This crawlway is smeared with tarry, greyish slime

23:15 – Group emerge into large chamber, filled with crumbling pillars (supports for a now collapsed level), piles of rubble, and vast piles of sticky slime. In the distance, a rubble strewn wall marks where a section of dungeon collapsed, and would appear to be the way forwards (about 40' up). However...

23:16 – Rust Monsters (2 normal, and one that can spit its rusting enzymes) attack. A massive Green Slime, unseen by the group drops from above and envelops the Warforged.
Short battle. Durjani's armour is eaten by a Rust Monster, as is her non-magical longsword. Following the battle, with the artificers knowledge, they extract the magical essence of her lost armour from the belly of the monster, so it can be used to reforge her armour when they get back to civilization. Durjani is shocked that the artificer would help her in this way after the recent events, and is even more surprised when he brings out his old leather armour and gives it to her

23:25 – Group have a short rest, during which a curious Ormid uses his artifice to scale the rubble wall. In the darkness he can see numerous springs and gears, though he is unsure what they are tied to. His common sense stops him blundering into the low ceilinged chamber without adequate light.

23:30 – Rest of group join him – realise the room ahead is the underbelly of a room trap warding a chamber above. All realise that this is the only way forwards, but that crawling through the guts of a trap will be very dangerous...

23:50 – Group accidentally trigger the trap. All party members are torn up by the ripping continue to try and disable / bypass the hairspring mechanism, and to try and enter the chamber above alive and in one piece.

26/11/49 – Group are Underground!

00:10 – Group manage to get the trap doors open, and to get past the trap without any further mishaps.

00:15 – Short rest

00:15 – 01:30 – Group move deeper and deeper into the mountain, encountering numerous simple traps and stone defences. At one point the group come across curious springs of cold water, which are somehow boiling. Brundorson suggests certain magical radiations might be producing the effect, and the group decide to leave the water be and to get out of the area at once

01:30 – Group come to a heavy metal portcullis. Loud sounds of crashing water can be heard from beyond, and a strong, fresh, chill breeze gusts through, full of the smells of clear water. Peering through, the group can see a flight of wet, icy steps heading through naked black rock towards the edge of a vast rift in the earth; 80' across, and gods knows how deep. Massive waterfalls free-fall from above, each gleaming with muted bluish light, as if carrying light from some unknown source above. Huge icy chains stretch across the rift – a defensive bridge according to Brundorson, that can be dropped in an instant if need be. Vast carvings of roaring Dundorin heads glare balefully from the cliffs across from the group, the chains leading to portcullises in their mouths – the stronghold proper apparently (all the previous chambers have been defensive halls)

01:35 – Durjani, Brundorson and the Warforged force the portcullis open. As they do this, they see dim purple light flicker across the ravine, apparently behind another portcullis.
With the way clear, the group head down to the chains.

01:35 – 02:00 Group move across the chains. Icicles from the chains above fall and strike several party members, but all keep their footing and are able to get across without any serious mishaps, though the Vyrleen suffers a wound

02:05 [Sunrod 2 of 6 is used] – The tingle of magic and the smell of burnt energy hangs in the air across the way, wafted on warm currents from beyond the portcullis.

02:10 – The portcullis is forced, and Ormid takes a moment to feel for magical energies. He senses a mixed bunch, many of which are fading, somewhere ahead and down, though without direct line of sight, he can tell no more.

02:12 – A deep booming, as of slamming stone, is heard from ahead, and a shockwave felt through the ground. On their way down, the group spot vandalised statues – recently vandalised statues...

02:15 – Group head further in, down more stairs, and come to a vast gateroom. Huge ornate stone doors stand closed, and two very recently dispatched Stone Guardians lie in shattered piles either side of the doorway. Smoke veils the air here, and the vibrations of recently cast magic hang heavy. Curious patches of shadow that reluctantly fade away are also seen around the smashed remains.

02:17 – The doors suddenly open, revealing a 100' long, 10' wide corridor, flanked by scowling floor to ceiling carvings of Dundorin heads. The group conclude whoever trashed the guardians must have gone that way, and triggered any traps...

02:18 - ...but they are wrong. Heavy stone walls slam down, trapping the group in the corridor, and the heads begins to blast the entire corridor with jets of flame. The group are seriously hurt by the trap over the course of several rounds, until it is disabled by Llewellyn and Ormid

02:25 – After a short rest, the group, despite their wounds and weariness, vote to carry on a bit further, if only to make use of the remaining light from their second Sunrod...