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Monday, 27 April 2009

A Timeline of one of the Groups

I keep detailed timelines for all my groups, and thought I would share the one (so far) for the group who fought the Frost Nargor after a nasty fall from a mountain face. It give you some kind of idea about the kind of games I run if nothing else (and demonstrates the tenacity of my players :D )

11/9/49 - BENEATH LAERTRAINES' RUINS (Heavy thundery rain and high winds all day)

13:20 – Trap triggered by activating War Forged. Cave in. Grey Philosophy arrive.

- Grey Philosophy Psychic Warrior is killed; Acolyte legs it and alerts allies.

13:35 – Nyrystal scouts ahead and sees G.P. Troops heading into Xixite ruins, being replaced by
Psionic Constructs (Brutes).

13:40 – Aelwyn returns. Group hatch plan to lead constructs away.

13:42 – Plan fails

13:44 – Defeat Hulking Constructs, but more enemies are approaching.

13:45 – Acolyte from first battle returns with a female psychic warrior (Seleria), and a load of
minor construct. Group battle them and are victorious ~ though it is not an easy fight.

13:46 – Group decide to head towards the ruin before any more trouble can find them. Begin to
move in, and hear distant sounds of battle from within. Notice strange decorations
within; most of which seem to incorporate the symbol of an insanely smiling mouth.

13:48 – Enter ruins proper; come to vast pit chamber, with rope ladder hanging from its centre.

  • Nystyral teleports to ladder, and warforged throws rope across.

  • Ormid falls. Party head down

13:50 Find gutted Grey Philosopher. Nyrystal kills him. Group moves towards next chamber

13:53 - Group decide to head up.

13:54 - Enter upper ruins

  • Omid hears Grey Philosopher's to the north

  • Decide to head back to camp

  • 15:20 – Return to camp

  • Ormid drops off to sleep

  • Warforged tries to chat to scrap golems guarding camp. They are “stupid”

  • 16:45 – Warforged encounters Zombies in forest whilst searching for wood.

  • 17:00 return to camp

  • Warforged has remembered much about its part in the Guild Wars. Appears gutted about the final outcome.

  • Group Rest

12/9/49 – Continuing Heavy Rain and Thunder.

08:30 – Group awaken

  • Decide they need to head back north so that the Warforged can be properly researched. He seems annoyed by this.

  • Lorehaven representatives are stationed in Daryyd Keep some 15 miles away, in the mountains.

  • Decide in the end to explore the ruins some more.

10:00 – Head off – decide to take the shorter route

10:20 – Encounter Grey Philosopher's

  • Set up an ambush and kill pyrokineticist before they can strike.

  • Battle ensues with Psionic Constructs

  • Group win!

  • More Grey Philosophy adherants begin to move to area – group flee.

  • 11:20 – Arrive close to site of former space port. Spot smoke rising from small encampment at lip of the vast “crater” the building has fallen into. Nyrystal scouts ahead

  • 11:35 – Nyrystal returns. Reports a battered looking group of Adventurers.

  • Group decide to meet with them

  • 11:45 – Encounter the group

  • Silas Grey; Leader of “The Sixfold Company”

  • Silas gives the sob story, about a golem and warns the group about the environment.

  • 11:50 – Silas invites group to stop for food with group

  • 13:30 – Our group head off into ruins.

  • - Group opt to take the winding path that burrows along and through the craters' side

  • Group encounter dead Kydraxi

  • 13:55 – Ochre Jelly Fight! Warforged and Nyrystal are badly wounded. Nyrystal is scarred by the acid

  • 14:00 – After short rest, continue on

  • 14:10 – See that the “mist” floating in a layer around the spaceport about 200' from the crater floor, realise it is mould spores, coming from fungi growing over the ruins (not on the crater walls)

  • 15:00 – Reach bottom of crater – waterlogged, dismal, dark – alien rubble mixed in with the mundane stuff

  • Nyrystal insists group take extended rest.

  • 20:49 – Strange lights in waterlogged ruins. Group decide to ignore.

  • 22:00 group settle down to rest

13/9/49 – Pale sunlight and heavy fogs. Very still.

08:00 – Group awaken

09:00 – Head off, and enter ruins

- Nyrystal scouts ahead.

09:15 – Group encounter Lesser Golem Remnant. Quickly dispatch it, though only after it really
hurts Ormid (Ormid pisses self – ha ha ha)

09:25 – After Ormid finishes examining Golem's Physical Remains. Conversation with
Warforged about constructs having Souls.

    Group turn their attention to the doors (20' high, 15' wide – collapsed)

09:30 - Nyrystal checks for traps – sees nothing

  • Group begin clearing rubble from door

  • 10:10 – Enter outer area of sealed zone.

  • Discover signs warning people against entering the sealed area.

  • 10:15 – Enter Trap Chamber

  • Group spot plentiful signs of trap activity

  • 10:25 – Warforged drags big assed boulder into chamber, and throws.

  • Triggers trap, but group are outside of room. Unfortunately, Warforged was stood under doors, and takes a pounding

  • Nyrystal manages to pause the trap long enough for group to make it across.

  • 10:30 – Group hear an icy voice whispering from the darkness ahead... “Intruderssss”

  • 10:35 – After group have waited to see if anything comes up the stairs.

  • 10:36 – Meet Gyllithed (Ghost of former resident)

  • Agree to hunt down “Ancient Horrors” within the hangar

  • 10:51 – Group have put on gifts from the ghost; enter the chamber

  • 10:55 – Enter the dust haunted emptiness of Hangar 12. Decide to head straight into the middle.

  • 11:00 – Find huge gouge marks in the stone floor, and get their first glimpse of the Primary Witchlight Marauder.

  • 11:05 – Enter the Primary. Ormid realises what this “ship” they are in is...

  • 11:35 – Enter the Grim Spore Chamber; Use Alchemists Fire to burn it out

  • Use Ormids' Arcane Springboard to clear the rest

  • 11:45 – Tertiary Marauder Fight!!!

  • 11:47 – Victory! Heavy heartbeats heard from deeper within the Primary's body...

  • 11:52 – Set off to explore source of increasingly powerful heartbeats

  • 12:05 – Find awakening Secondary Marauder...

  • 12:07 – Use Alchemists Fire to trash Secondary Marauder's before they fully awaken

  • Fires catch and spread madly through the monster

  • Succeed skill challenge, and escape the burning monster unhurt. See the Secondary emerge, writhing and wailing briefly from the top of the Primary top before it falls in and burns

  • Witness Gyllithed's "re-birth" (He fails to cross over due to local "dimensional pressures", and becomes trapped somewhere between unlife and true life - a "half-ghost"). Ormid gives him hot choccy, and he asks to join them. Identified Dave's character as a Warforged, “Early 2nd Age”.

  • 12:10 – Leave the area. Find that alien plants have arrived in the ditch surrounding the space port; brought through by the dimensional disruption of Gyllithed's rebirth.

  • Head back towards the Lore Haven camp

  • 12:40 – Arrive back at surface, after moving through the Kydraxi tunnels, and hear sounds of battle from Silas' camp

  • Silas' company are fighting an elemental!

  • 12:41 Group rush in to help and are attacked by the adventurer's! Turns out the elemental is an illusion, and Silas' band are predators who attack other adventuring groups.

  • 12:43 – Victory, though Silas escaped! Bugger! Warforged is vexed by their actions, and Nyrystal is badly wounded, but survives.

  • Warforged check that adventurer's are dead.

  • 12:46 – Group search camp and find hidden box under camp fire site, detailing a number of locations where Silas' band hid their ill gotten gains.

  • Group Rest. Discuss next move...

  • 13:00 – Head back to base camp.

  • 14:00 – Arrive at base camp and rest.

  • Group will head to Daryyd Keep, and from there to Lore Haven. Then will return.

  • 17:45 – Henry Valkhardin; Warrior and adventurer of Lore Haven returns to camp. Offers to accompany group to Daryyd.

  • Henry is objectionable, but warns of Gnarrak on the road to Daryyd.

14/9/49 – Heavy rain, thunderstorms

06:00 – Group awaken

08:00 – Group leave for Daryyd Keep.

20:30 – Arrive at theKeep without difficulties. Informed that the next ship is due on the 22nd

  • Ormid falls to sleep as soon as possible

15/9/49 – Drizzle and strong winds

11:00 – Ormid wakes. Has a bath, and then goes downstairs to get some food. Avoids Henry.

12:30 – Enters dining area, after talking to old Ezzek (Current Custodian of the Keep) about his
discoveries in the basement.

  • Ormid meets Estellenne (another adventurer at the keep), keeps her attention from a now sulky Henry.

  • 12:50 – Ormid excuses self, and accompanied by the Warforged goes to find Old Ezzek in order to see his discoveries

  • 12:55 – Meets Ezzek, and at his insistence follows him into the depths of the keep

  • 13:10 – Arrive at a dark, deep chamber. Ezzek makes excuses about having to briefly return to the surface to greet new guests and leaves. Ormid hears him lock the door behind him.

  • 13:11 – Venom Soul Kydraxi attack! Ormid and Warforged slay them all

  • 13:15 – Gyllithed and Nyrystal arrive after searching for Ormid and Warforged and being told they had come down here.

  • Although he seemed to go back the way he came, neither saw Old Ezzek on their way here.

  • 13:18 Group discover hidden stairwell leading deeper underground and decide to go down for a look.

  • 13:20 Nyrystal spots a dart trap on stairs; group avoid.

  • 13:23 Enter ancient chamber. Group discuss next move.

  • 13:24 – Kydraxi fight! Victory (though a Warlock escapes to sound the alarm)

  • 13:26 – Group enter large, pillared chamber, thickly misted on its lower levels.

  • 13:27 – Nyrystal reports the fumes are irritant.

  • 13:28 – Nyrystal realises that the fumes are toxic, group decides to back track

  • 13:29 – Kydraxi have moved in behind the group by routes unknown! Huge battle begins. Ezzek arrives midway through and uses Dracusvir (Poten Greatbow made from Dracanai bones with potent acid based attacks) to put some acidic hurt on the group. He is taken down, and the Warforged claims Dracusvir as his own

  • 13:31 – Rumbling roars sound from somewhere beneath the level where the group are. Group decide to head topside to warn the others, and mount a further exploration.

  • 13:40 – Kydraxi Fight in lower tunnels. Tunnel into depth is discovered.

  • 13:45 – Meet with Henry and other adventurer's on stairs back up. Accused of murdering Ezzek. Succeed in convincing them that they are innocent. Henry rushes to question Elsbeth (Cook - also identified as allied with the Venom Soul Kydraxi).

  • 13:48 – Henry is scalded by Elsbeth (she throws a pan of boiling water in his face to distract him), and she escapes through secret tunnel in back of cooking fireplace

  • Adventurers close off the Keep, and organise watches. Search through keep to assess supplies.

  • 18:30 – Group begin to rest

16/9/49 – Still and bright

  • 03:30 – Everyone awakes to find the bar-room in shadow; distant sound of Estellene screaming coming from the cellar stairs. Warforged goes to wake the Dundorin who is sleeping nearby but has not stirred, but discovers he is dead. Attacked by Venom Soul Assassin hiding beneath his table.

  • Brief battle, in which the Assassin is grabbed by the Warforged, and then sent flying through the windows by a crit from Ormids artifice

  • 03:31 – Sounds of grinding stone from the kitchen, and then rushing Kydraxi (they have come through fireplace doorway)

  • Very difficult battle!

  • 03:32 – Group open and then sabotage the secret door in the kitchen fireplace, before building a fire in it and moving on.

  • 03:37 – Henry joins group in taproom, and they move to assist in the hangar. Gyllithed stays behind with Estellene to defend tap room and cellars.

  • 03:41 – Group get down to outer chamber of hangars, and encounter a group of Kydraxi carrying Elemental Fuel Cells. Battle begins in which Henry is knocked unconscious.

  • Group win battle with little effort, and hide Henry in barrels. Ormid examines Fuel Cells, and recalls their destructive potential if damaged. Group discuss how such a situation could be forged.

  • 03:46 – Group move on to join battles on docks. See a Rage Drake trying to smash the Elemental Fuel Cells, and are swarmed by more Kydraxi

  • Quick but brutal fight. The Warforged uses Dracusvir to harry the Drake, and it dies shortly before it can engage the group in combat.


  • 04:25 – Survivors meet up in bar and decide to search Ezzek's chamber

  • 05:30 – Ezzek's journal is discovered. Characters decide what to do next. Rednor and Estellene will stay in the keep to defend it against any stragglers, whilst the others seek out and slay Tyranzalphanasus (Black Dracani identified in Ezzek's notes - it appears Ezzek is allied with an organisation calling itself the "Coiled Brotherhood"; a group of Dracanai cultists.

  • 06:10 – The PC's get some rest...

  • 19:30 – Group awaken

  • 20:30 – Group head down into Venom Soul tunnels

  • 20:45 arrive at refuse cavern

  • 20:47 – After group slaughter non-combatant Venom Soul Kydraxi

  • Group decide to give a show of strength and to move through main inhabited area. This plan works well, and with the stench of Kydraxi terror strong around them, they march forwards.

  • 21:00 – Arrive at the entrance to the Altar of Venom...

  • Battle erupts, in which Henry is taken down, and Nyrystal is killed (Venom altar makes Poison attacks more potent, and many toxic glyphs ward the area. Also the altar is guarded by Venom Soul Zombies; animated Kydraxi corpses pumped full of deadly contact poisons)

  • Group recover items from Nyrystal's corpse, and hide it before moving on. A Poison Vodus'Aeska is found in the Altar

  • 21:05 – Group encounter Kydraxi Custodians and Spitting Drakes. Brief but brutal battle. Key is recovered and used to open door to Gate Chamber. [MILESTONE]

  • Group gather themselves, and then charge through

  • 21:07 – Battle Tyranzalphanasus. The Dracani is quickly floored by Gyllithed's magic, but soon comes back and the battle is long and arduous. Towards the end, Coiled Brotherhood soldiers attack, bursting in through a side chamber. Despite this the group kill the Dracani, sabotage the door into the Coiled Brotherhood stronghold, and grab several arms of treasure.

  • 21:10 – Group smash the portal linking the depths of Darryd Keep to the Dracani lair.

  • 21:40 – Group return to Inn, and are warmly welcomed. Sadness over the death of Nyrystal.

18/9/49 – Thundery, Heavy Rain

11:00 – Nyrystal is laid to rest under a stone cairn close to Darryd Keep (his corpse had become too rotten and disgusting to keep it for the journey home)

22/9/49 – Bright and slightly misty in the South; Frosty and Foggy in north

  • 09:00 – Sky Ship from Lorehaven arrives. Captain sends word to the city about the events there, and a recovery / reconstruction team is dispatched

  • 19:00 – Arrive at Lorehaven

22/9/49 -9/10/49 – First Snows hit after first week, by third week, Lorehaven is snowbound

  • Ormid and Warforged spend time resting in his home. Ormid exchanged Xixite Diary for a blueprint book, and obtains blue prints for Guardian Construct (Eye of Alarm Ritual). Aelwyn come to find out about Nyrystal, and though they are upset both at his death and at his remains being interred so far away, they accept his passing.

29/10/49 – Heavy Snow in morning and afternoon, blizzard conditions at night.

18:30 – At the “Staff of Runes” Inn in meeting

  • Ormid is given a pile of books on Space Lore to study, as well as notes on the engines of the “Saint of Tempests” - a ship he and the others are going to have to recover

  • 18:45 – On way back to Ormid's home; attacked by Bionoid Assassin

  • Very tough battle in which Henry is taken down, and several nearby homes are set on fire / damaged by the Bionoids Energy Blast

  • After battle Warforged picks up Bionoids Crystal Eye, and narrowly avoids becoming its next host

  • 18:50 Gyllithed arrives with city guards. Identifies monster and warns about the eye and its properties. Also tells the party of the vulnerability of the monster should the eye be struck in combat.

  • 19:15 – Group arrive at Ormid's home and begin to pack everything they need for the journey

  • 19:30 – Reethon (first mate from The Wanderer) arrives with several city guards. Tells the group to come at once, and tells them that almost all the other experts gathered for this mission have been killed by Bionoids.

  • Group head off for the Sky Docks

  • 19:50 – Arrive at Sky docks; insane panic as multiple Bionoids arrive and try to reach them – luckily being slowed down by the Iron Golems working as heavy labour about the docks

  • Close call, but the Sky Ship pulls away and begins the journey to New Laertraine

30/10/49 – Clear and Warm in South

06:10 – Arrive at New Laertraine. Fly straight into Sky Docks and party dropped off directly on the Wanderer. Meet Captain Dorduin Dor'Thulin and get shown to their quarters.

  • over next couple of hours party speak with crew members (including Fiddler Joe), meet the two cats (Cyclops [fat, one-eyed ginger tom] and Shimmer [alien silver and black ringed cat with intelligent, glowing blue eyes]), and the other surviving delegates from the Contributor Cities. Learn that Spirit Warriors (more ancient Aelwyn biological weapons) were involved in those attacks

  • 08:00 – Leave Arbel'Verdaniss and head into the void

1/11/49 – Space

16:00 – Gorgoth Ugg (Gorgoth = Orcs, Gugg = Warship) fires at the Wanderer, and closes in for battle

  • Arduous battle that sees many twists and turns, and which sees The Wanderer take several serious hits. However, with careful maneuvering, and with the direct help of the Warforged with Dracusvir and Ormid's artifice enhancing the power of the cannons, they are victorious

  • 4 Crew Members slain

  • 16:10 – Ormid saves the Captain's life after seeing him collapse with a large splinter embedded in his armpit. Captain expresses his eternal gratitude

  • Following the battle Ormid uses his skills as an Artificer to repair the damage to the ship, whilst the Warforged uses his great strength to help the crew tidy up / re-supply

22:00 – The Wanderer approaches the Wormhole, and spots the Gorgoth barricade / base blocking it.

22:10 – Group meet in Captain's quarters to discuss tactics. Ormid spots weak points in the barricade across the wormhole. Plan is developed to ship a small strike team to the base, and to blow the weak points, allowing the Wanderer to pass through at speed.

22:40 – Group leave the Wanderer on a small life boat and head out across the void to the Gorgoth Base.

23:15 – Arrive at the base after carefully navigating the treacherous open ways

23:25 – Come to rickety corridor. The Warforged's loud passing alerts Gorgoth in nearby rooms. Rest of the group begin to move across aided by Ormid's artifice.

23:26 – Gorgoth battle – Cannoneer and Reaver

23:27 – Battle ends, but sounds of more monsters approaching clearly heard. Group hide and prepare to ambush them.

23:32 – Group move on after a short rest

23:40 – Come to first (empty) cannon emplacement (chamber is cold and thin atmosphered; frost covers everything). Group decide to destroy the cannon

23:50 – FIRST CANNON DESTROYED – Group pick up 4 Gunpowder Kegs (each weighs 20 Lbs; if individual carrying it is hit by a fire attack, they must make a save or barrel explodes (limited high damage in 5 square burst) – Warforged carries one, Ormid carries two, Henry carries one, Gyllithed has one

2/11/49 – Space

00:05 – Gorgoth Cannon #2; Gorgoth Cannoneers

00:10 – Group rest


00:30 – Reach top Keystone

00:35 – Take right hand corridor

00:40 – Dimly litten corridor; Demonic evil hangs on the air. Group decide to turn around and find another corridor

00:45 – Group head down corridor that straddles

00:55 – Approach front edge of the top Keystone

00:58 – Warforged falls through floor, and tumbles into space, before slamming against Keystone (due to gravity plane). Ormid lowers rope, and he is able to pull himself up.

01:00 – Group carefully move into the corridor

01:05 – Find Cannon Emplacement


01:25 – Group become aware of Gorgoth ahead. Warforged runs to shaft ahead and sees a Gorgoth climbing it from a Cannon Emplacement lower down. Boots the beast in the face, making it fall. The fall smashes the supports and the entire emplacement falls off the front of the Keystone and into space. A 15' gap is now torn in the corridor. Group decide to rest. FOURTH CANNON DESTROYED

08:00 – Group move on. Ormid uses Arcane Springboard to help everyone over the gap in the corridor. HOWEVER...

  • Group spot the first of the supports. Ormid makes a timing device, and the Warforged Is picked to go out onto the strut and place the device and some gunpowder.

  • 08:25 – Warforged successfully places charges – BOMBS EXPLODES AT 12:25

09:10 – Group come to transported structures

        • Engage with Gorgoth guards outside. Henry is taken down by an elemental infused warrior, and is Coup de Graced and killed

09:15 – Advance on the stronghold. The great front gates open, and a series of small battles run into one another. The group battle Reavers, a Mezzodaemon, and Gorgoth Concubines (in a trapped corridor they can activate by stepping on certain pressure pads). It is a long and deadly battle, but the group are victorious.

09:20 – Group enter whispering darkness of the birthing chambers beyond. Skothgorgus appears and the gathered females attack!

09:20 – 09:35– The battle with Shothgorgus and the females is a long and embittered one. The exhausted group fight him to a standstill, only to have him teleport into his shrine and heal. They then have to deal with the cyclone he conjures, before a truly desperate battle ensues up and around the ziggurat shrine to Gorgamorth. Eventually, with almost every power and trick at their disposal exhausted, the group manage to destroy the demon, triggering the collapse of the ziggurat. Before fleeing (a trial in and of itself) they free three sacrificial victims chained to the blasphemous statue of Gorgamorth that stands at the Ziggurat's peak (one of these is killed by the collapsing chamber), and scoop up some items left in sacrifice beneath the statue. They then flee, collapsing into a corridor exposed by the crumbling structures' death throes, and once clear, catch their breath...

  • Bone weary, the group advance towards the far Keystone, and clear out two unguarded cannons. They become aware that the atmosphere around the base is thinning, now the central structure has been destroyed.

09:45 – Group come to the final cannon and battle a small but powerful squad of Gorgoth; a Berserk, two cannoneers and an evoker. The battle is tough and painful, but the group are successful.

09:55 – Group begin to head back across the ruined base after setting a second timed explosive by the second support strut.

10:35 – Whilst clambering over ruins of the Ziggurat, group hear the lamentations of trapped Gorgoth within, and witness the departure of a black, cloudy, clearly unholy entity.

11:05 – Group return to the life boat they used to approach the base, and flee

12:25 – Both supports are destroyed by the explosives. Group have not yet reached the Wanderer and are nearly missed as it races towards the portal. Luckily, they are spotted by Fiddler Pete, and brought aboard. They retire to bed almost at once (after noticing three new crew members; fresh through the now active Teleport Circle from Lorehaven)

4/11/49 – Space

10:30 – Group gather on deck after a long sleep. Discover they are in nebulae rich region of distant space, headed for Astartis; a planet connected to the “Reality Pylons” used (supposedly) in the Belief Wars. Group introduced to new party member (Friar Richard'Oth Namaea'Isaala), and two officials from Lorehaven; Alanthia (Lorehaven Bard) Notary Ulnis (Lorehaven Official linked to Numinaris Project)

5/11/49 – Space (Heavy snow and high winds in Lorehaven)

08:20 – Group called into Dorduin's quarters, where the Lorehaven folk await. Ormid is told his home has been broken into and the guards who investigated slain. Ormid requests to be allowed to use the teleport circle to return to Lorehaven to check things out. This is allowed (by Alanthia, despite Ulnis' complaints about cost).

10:30 – Group enter Lorehaven

10:55 – Group arrive at Ormid's home. Place is in disarray after killings; smashed furniture, snow has got inside after front door left off (boarded crudely up).

11:10 – After check of upper floor (porn mags are alright), Ormid activates secret door to labs

11:20 – Group enter labs – everything untouched.

11:35 – Sounds of wet footsteps running down corridor towards labs

  • Warforged Zombies (Woeforged) apparently controlled by a Warforged Artificer attack. All bear the symbol of an eye with a black iris. Hardware gains memories of “Old Ebon Eye”; formidable Warforged from Guild Wars who rebelled against his creator and tried to start a Warforged uprising.

  • Tough battle, but won in time. Hardware and artificer exchange heated comments.

11:40 – Group return to upstairs. Guards from front door dead. Artificer has escaped. Other guards on way summoned by horrified crowds...

13:00 – Ormid realises what the Warforged may have been after. Has uncovered notes on Warforged Components unearthed in the Streaked Mountains northern reaches 15 years ago...and hints of a creation forge. Group decide to explore the site these came from at a later date.

  • Ormid sets off to find out how to claim the Space Gate to Astartis as his own. Learns he must simply defend and hold it.

  • Group are introduced to Llewellyn, a Vyrleen of...questionable...profession, apparently sent by Lore Haven as additional back up.

22:30 – Group return to Ship, though Ormid makes it clear he wishes to return to explore the region where he unearthed the Warforged Components as soon as he can

6/11/49 – SPACE

8/11/49 – SPACE

Ship arrives in outer reaches of Astartis system

12:40 – Arrive in upper atmosphere of Astartis

  • Ship has very rough entry; many crew members are lost, including Fiddler Joe. The ship eventually is brought to a relatively minor crash in a lagoon in the swamp.

14:00 – After repairs and stock take of ship completed. Essential coupling devices in Helm and Engine shot – hope is that spares can be salvaged from Saint of Tempests

15:30 – Group head into nearby jungle (first in boats, then on foot) to find area for Richard to consecrate, in which to bury dead from ship (most of the dead are missing, presumed dead, having been swept overboard during the ship's entry. However, half a dozen corpses remain on board to be buried).

15:50 – Su-Monster attack

16:15 – Find suitable site. Defend the cleric whilst he conducts the purification ritual

20:00 – Dead are lain to rest.

9/11/49 – ASTARTIS – Clear, Fresh, Sunny (Ormid, Richard, Llewellyn, Gyllithed, Reethon- All catch a fever)

  • Richard uses Heal skill – Gyllithed is cured, Reethon at initial, Ormid is healed, Richard is Healed, Llewellyn at initial

10:00 – Group wake up

12:00 – Group arrive at waterfall.

12:10 – Llewellyn, Gyllithed, Ormid and Richard eat Astartis Salmon (+1 Fortitude until 00:10, 10/11/49)

12:25 – Vyrleen swims across the river and secures a rope around a stump

Group move across; Reethon and Ormid have rough times (Ormid actually panics, and returns to the starting side). Ormid is so scared, that the Warforged has to bring him physically across. What a girls blouse.

14:55 – Group get through

15:25 – Group have a brief rest and continue. During this rest the Vyrleen lifts Ormid's scroll detailing the possible whereabouts of the Eastern Guild / Forge. When this is discovered, Ormid vomits, panics and begins scrabbling about for the lost scroll. The Vyrleen claims to have found them, but the Cleric detects his one (after the Cleric's bad mouthing and stirring with regards to Gyllithed's “necromancy” ) believes him

16:00 – Group encounter mouldering remains of Oshu (Big alien humanoids) (Plasmoid boundary markers).

16:20 – 16:45 Group encounter Plasmoid Patrol. Although there are immediate moves towards battle, the Vyrleen and Artificer manage to forge a tentative psychic communication with them through their hive mind. They bargain with the entities (they are shown a Plasmoid “eye” view of the hive where it grows in and around the components of the Saint of Tempests they seek to remove) – the group will stop the “sharp thing” in the distance (a Reality Pylon who's residual physic energy hurts the Plasmoid hive mind), in return for the aliens allowing them to remove the components they need (which will wound the hive, and need healing).

  • Ormid is unwilling to destroy the Pylons, and it is made clear to the group that if they do not do what the Plasmoids want, they will not surrender the components the group wants without fighting to the death.

  • Group have been attuned to the psionic headache the Pylon puts out, which acts as a compass. They head out towards their unseen destination at once.

21:30 – Make Camp


DISEASE PROGRESS – Reethon (Initial)

06:30 – Break and Leave Camp

10:15 – Hear sounds of Oshu Village; decide to avoid

18:30 – Make camp (as pushed selves; Disease gets +2 bonus to “attack”)

19:30 – Group notice the spectral energy surrounding the Reality Pylon looms in the distance


DISEASE PROGRESS – Gyllithed (initial)

08:00 – 09:00 Group break camp – the cliff needs to be got down safely (150' drop)

  • Gyllithed falls from 120', and barely survives thanks to the cushioning canopy below. The rest of the group make it down safely, and the party head into the jungle. They soon realise that beneath the canopy, all is rot and decay; the trees are dead, there is no undergrowth, and only mist and fungi and foulness is found.

10:10 – Group ignore the distant lights of Will-O-Wisps

11:00 – Wraith Battle! The souls of those who fell in the Belief Wars here remain as undead, and some of these attack the group...

  • Immediately following the battle, ranks of spectral knights, clad in high-tech armour, appear and prepare to attack the group. They are stopped however by the commands of a more traditionally garbed spectre, bearing the old (pre 3rd-age) symbology of Solum. This shade is of the Solumite Knight Sir Kaeleth; a knight charged with destroying one of the Xorthia (imprisoned in the Reality Pylon).

11:20 – After Sir Kaeleth explains situation, and group agree to seek out the two halves of the Prayer of Mortals; Kaeleths ancient Flamberge, enchanted to destroy the Xorthia

11:30 – Group head off

11:45 – Group pass the spectral clerics and magi, eternally casting the rituals they believe hold the Xorthia Lord in the Pylon.

12:00 – Group come to the planar barrier around the base of the Pylon; a region of null reality created by the Xorthia to hold the shattered weapon that can harm it.

??:?? - Group enter null plane. Immediately see two monstrous, hound shaped fields of nothingness (Xorthian Hounds), each with a half of the Prayer within it.

??:?? - Group battle the Hounds (dealing with the planar riptides that constantly skim through the battle field, randomly teleporting those they touch)

??:?? - Moments, weeks, years later (????), the group manage the destroy the monsters. The Null Plane collapses...

12:01 - ...And the group appear by the Reality Pylon. Sir Kaelen takes and re-forges the Prayer, and enters the Pylon

12:01 – 12:10 – Nature rebels as horrific energies lash the Pylon and psychic turbulence wracks the party as the two mighty entities clash. Eventually all the group are knocked unconscious by the sheer horror and pressure of the battle

13:10 – Group awaken. The Spectral army has crossed over, it's duty finally done. Sir Kaelen gives group the Prayer of Humanity (+2 Abrogating Flamberge), as well as the location of his keep (wherein lies a secret vault of monies and items). He then crosses over to join his brethren in the afterlife.

14/11/49 – Group are able to return to Lorehaven (Sunny but Snowy at night)

10:00 – Group return

14:00 – Group arrange passage to Darryd Keep

(Llewellyn learns there is a price on his head from the Northward Procurer's Guild – a disappointing 150gps, and Gyllithed catches a glimpse of a Paladin of Azrael)

15/11/49 -

07:30 – Skyship leaves for Darryd Keep

18:00 – Skyship arrives at Darryd Keep

19:00 – After meeting with Willem (Willem asks group to consider helping them explore the deep tunnels and ancient portals dscivered under the Keep, but the group refuse for now)

19:30 – After group set up in room

20:30 – Group seek out Ujan (Southern Merchant who was recently attacked by Gigorim and Gnarrak on road between Darry Keep and Jadasvere)

– Agree to price of 750 gps for returning the rosewood chest lost in the

        • Ormid realises that Durjani is bound to the house by a ritual, and may not be a free agent. He plans to find a way to free her.

16/11/49 – (Heavy rains and thunder in south) Engines in the Wanderer are replaced, and ship is ready to fly. Cranes are brought through from Lorehaven and extraction begins from the Plasmoid Hives (Components will be fully removed by 26/11/49).

04:30 – Ormid gets up to try and find someone at the keep who knows about Binding Rituals used to create bound warriors after seeing Ujan's bodyguard.

        • Meets a Wizard named Samuel who reveals that as far as he knows, rituals like these create a magical tattoo on the person, and that, theoretically, a disenchantment would remove it

06:00 – Meets with Willem, who can't help.

07:30 – Group leave Darryd Keep, and head south towards Jadasvere

  • Group make excellent progress for this day, and set up camp by the roadside.

  • Uneventful night

17/11/49 (Bright and Breezy, turning Thundery and Wet by early evening)

07:00 – Group wake up

08:30 – Group continue on way to Jadasvere

11:40 – Ambushed! As happened with Urjan, Vulgol'Gigorim (Hill Giants) heft piles of rock into the road to block escape, whilst Gnarrak (Gnoll) archers and warriors swarm the group.

        • It is a fierce but short battle (Warforged has used all Daily Attacks, Gyllithed has used his Daily. Warforged has used Fire special power on Axe), which sees two of the Gnarrak archers fleeing for their lives.

12:00 – By this time, the bodies of the Vulgol'Gigorim have been searched (good treasures found), and a clear trail of blood discovered from the fleeing Gnarrak hunters.

        • The group head towards the monster's lair, following the blood trails...

12:15 – Group come to open area before the caverns where the monsters lair. HUGE BATTLE! Two waves of enemies, the second lead by Turzak; the Vulgol'Gigorim who's sons the group slaughtered on the road. Horribly tough battle...but the group win...just

12:20 – Vyrleen catches Blinding Sickness as he searches through the Gigorims remains for treasures.

12:25 – Group retreat to take an extended rest.

12:40 – Group set up camp near to road and wait until the next morning (Extended Rest)

18/11/49 –Heavy Fog until mid morning, then heavy rain

06:30 – After a surprisingly quiet rest, the group head back towards the caves. During their rest, Ormid and Durjani work with poultices and cure the Vyrleen's disease before it can deal any lasting harm (Vyrleen has -1 Healing Surge until next Extended Rest however).

07:00 – Group approach the entrance to the Gnarrak lair. The Vyrleen scouts ahead, and discovers evidence of the monsters they have already faced, but nothing more. Begins to head into caverns, but the deep darkness stops him going too far

07:10 – Whole group enter the reeking lair of the monsters.

07:15 – Group come to a three way split in the corridor; SE stinks of dog mess and ammonia, E smells of rotting meat and NE carries the taint of evil. Group head East.

07:17 – Group hear rustling ahead. The air stinks of rotted meat

07:18 – Tired of the group's reluctance to press on, Llewellyn runs into the dark chamber ahead. Discovers the floor is alive with maggots. Finds blood encrusted stairs at far end

07:20 – As rest of party move through maggots, the Vyrleen peeks up the stairs...and wishes he hasn't. Sees the Gnarrak's butchery room, but narrowly avoids being driven mad

07:21 – Having seen the Vyrleen's face, the group decide to backtrack.

07:26 – Back at intersection. Group decide to head NE

07:30 – Corridor splits; right heads down (sweaty smells, roasted meat, dog smell), left heads up (malevolence hangs there).

07:31 – Ormid detects conjuration magic up the left hand corridor

07:33 – Group are entering natural cavern with great stone pillars, horribly rotted by some alien force when they are ambushed by Chaggrins and a Leukodaemon

07:35 – Very tough fight. The Vyrleen has contracted Mummy Rot from one of the daemon's arrows. A distant howling is heard as the monsters are slain...

08:15 – Group search the chamber. Ormid locates a Glyph of Warding on one wall. Further examination by the Vyrleen reveals a hidden door.

08:20 – Llewellyn opens the door...and chaos ensues, for beyond is an Adathrainite chapel.

08:20 – 08:25 – Desperate battle! The group are almost overwhelmed, but battle through in the end.

  • The group knock the Gnarrak Priest out rather than kill him. As he falls Brudd (whos place of worship this once was) returns to purify the chamber. The group receive blessings from the Elemental Deity, and the treasures from the midden. Llewellyn's Mummy Rot is cured.

  • Group turn their attention to the chest. Durjani threatens the group when it looks like they may try and meddle with it. Warforged questions her regarding her bindings, and she simply tells them she is bound as a matter of honour, and not just hers.

  • Group decide to leave the chest with the elementals guarding the altar of Brudd, intending to pick it up on their way back.

  • The group decide to take the Gnarrak Priest (heavily bound) to the town of Northgrove.

    21:30 – Group arrive at Northgrove. They are enthusiastically greeted by the townsfolk (the group met with some guards, who have sent word ahead of their prisoner and victories)

  • Group meet with Gurran Heldensang (Dundorin monk of Gigam'Thorgoth) and are commended for their actions. Group get free lodgings at the Blushing Dryad...

  • 22:30 – After Durjani goes to bed, the group discuss their next move

19/11/49 – Persistent rain, easing off towards nightfall.

03:00 – Llewellyn does a quick circuit of the town, but fails in his inebriated state to find anything of use. He manages to avoid getting into trouble luckily too.

04:00 – Warforged visits Gurran to discuss Durjani's binding tattoos. Gurran knows a little about them, reiterating that they are a fairly common thing in the southern city states ruled by the Merchant Houses. He tells the Warforged that they are sometimes taken voluntarily, and other times are forced on their recipient. He advises speaking to the mages of the “Black Equinox” school in Jadasvere.

05:00 – Warforged returns to inn and meets with Brundorson, who informs him that he will be joining them on their quest. The Warforged agrees

07:00 – A hungover Vyrleen and Durjani get up

08:30 – Ormid is woken up and dragged down to taproom

09:30 – Group head out for Jadasvere

13:00 – Group have a short rest.

20:00 – Group set up camp. Llewellyn steals the Dundorin's journal and steals away from the camp, heading towards Jadasvere (this is all part of the plan to get the scroll convincingly deposited in Jadasvere, though neither Durjani or Brundorson know this)

20:20 – Brundorson discovers the missing journal and goes MENTAL!!!!! Insists the group head off after the Vyrleen at once. Warforged and Ormid play their parts well, “discovering” the scroll is “missing” and agreeing (against Durjani's advice) to hunt the Vyrleen down...

20:25 – Ormid “twists his foot”, and the pursuit is abandoned – much to Brundorson's utter disgust and fury.

21:00 – Llewellyn hears voices through the fog ahead and avoids them (this was a Dakoldite mercenary ambush)

22:30 – Llewellyn arrives at the northern edge of the “Rotting Fields” (Huge refuse dump on northern edge of Jadasvere), and moves on through

23:14 – Llewellyn enters Jadasvere and finds a room at a rough inn

20/11/49 – Bright and clear after a misty start

11:30 – Rest of the group enter Jadasvere after roughing up some of the wretched souls who live in the Rotting Fields for info about the “thieves” whreabouts.

  • Llewellyn spends the day trying to discreetly locate a buyer for the scroll. Unknown to him and the rest of the group, they come to the attention of the Plunderer's guild, and their attempts at subterfuge are blown.

12:30 – All but the Vyrleen find rooms at the Dreamer's Den; a local drug-house and Inn owned by the Dockers Union. They haggle the room price down in return for working the night as bouncers, and meet with Tethacis; a wizard of the Black Equinox.

22:00 – After a hard day trying to “locate” the “thief” the group return to the Den, and after some work, earn Tethacis' trust.

20/11/49 – Wanderer passes through former Gorgoth Base Portal

21/11/49 – Cloudy, then raining

  • Group set up a plan to re-meet with the Vyrleen, after the scroll is stolen

  • Group re-unite (the Dundorin is briefed, and his journal returned. The Vyrleen did read it a little, seeing runes of power, diagrams of a mighty axe, and mention in common of something only working for those of the right “bloodline”).

  • Group hastily leave Jadasvere and head out for Darryd Keep.

23/11/49 – Durjani has a run in with the group over her bindings, and her unwillingness to discuss them

24/11/49 – Windy, with heavy rain showers. Later windy with driving rain.

13:40 - Group back at Darryd Keep. Meet with Ujan, who pays them (after trying to pay them less than was agreed)

13:45 – The Vyrleen and Warforged begin to harass the merchant about Durjani's bindings. She defends the Merchant, and he explains that she is payment for a debt.

  • When the group continue to harass Ujan, calling him a coward and slaver, things degenerate and a fight breaks out between the group, the merchant, his guards and Dujani.

  • Ujan is killed by Llewellyn; a shattering blow to the head. The guards are slain, and Durjani is knocked unconscious.

13:55 – After a short inspection, the Vyrleen opens the Rosewood chest, and is almost killed by the Radiant Glyph that wards it. The group see the staked heart within (in a crystal chest), and are...vexed.

13:40 – Guards from the keep proper arrive and see the carnage. They accept (initially) the parties version of events, though by nightfall, they have received word from Lorehaven stating that an investigation will be carried out, at the request of House Shakem in Saltabar.

23:00 – Group are informed that they will be met on their return to Lorehaven the next day by law men from Lore Haven, and that until the matter around Ujan's death has been cleared up, they will be required to remain within the city. This will likely see them not being able to return to the Wanderer in time for it to enter the Segmentum Mortalis.

25/11/49 – Thunderstorms in the south, strong crosswinds and rain in the midlandic region; snow over high ground...

07:45 – Group leave Darryd Keep on board a Lorehavenian Sky Ship.

11:30 – High above the central Clouded Hills, the engine is destroyed by a Kydraxi ::REST DELETED SO AS NOT TO RUIN GAME FOR PLAYERS::

14:00 – Group have built shelter, searched the ship and area, and are ready to head off

14:10 – Group begin to try to climb down the northeast cliffs leading from the crash site. After some magical tinkering by Ormid, the ropes snap, and the group plummet, smashing into an icy ledge far below.

15:30 – After group fall from cliff – Frost Trull Fight

- Vicious fight, as the heroes are wounded by their fall, and unable
to stand on the treacherous ice sheet. Several times it looks as if
the group may be fighting their final battle. Eventually however,
sheer luck (and the potent power of the Warforged's fiery axe)
prevail, and the group are able to slay / drive off, the monsters
Brundorson is gutted that he was crap in a fight against Nargor.

15:40 – Group crawl into the Trull cave and have an extended rest. During this time, they discover a secret door at the back of the cave, which leads to a Dundorin passage (according to Brundorson).

22:00 – With a blizzard sweeping across the ledge outside, the group head into the Dundorin passage, and into the Deeps...

28/11/49 – Wanderer enters the Segmentum Mortalis

1/12/49 – Wanderer passes through Second Gate

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed this...I will update after each game (and will repeat for my other games too)

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