The Apparent Inability To Ship In Time

Oh yeah, am I the only one getting increasingly pissed off at the apparent inability for Wizards of the Coast to ensure their pissing product gets to Blighty in time for release? I pre-ordered MM2 in bloody September, and have been informed that I won't get it until mid June...that's f*cking 3 weeks after I should pissing have it.

Not. Happy.

One thing I don't mind is the increase in the DDI subscription charge, as if they (if...they...) give us what they promised (note: so far, they have been a bit [very] bad at this), it will be worth the money (which works out at less than a quid a week).

Would have been nice if I could have taken advantage of the limited cheap subscription charge without losing 6 months I have already paid for though.

Wizards of the Coast's marketing dudes really need firing...from a cannon preferably.