Game Session - 12/5/09

Another belter of a game! I'll blog some of my observations tomorrow. Anyway, the story continues...

14:55 – Ormid has repaired the up-ended stone throne that was in the chamber, and Llewellyn has searched the doors out for traps (he finds none)

15:00 – Ormid repairs the broken opening mechanism on the doors, and they slowly – and loudly – grind open revealing a vast cavern beyond and below...a cavern that is filled with a ruined Dundorin city, and on a ridged rise above it (where according to Brundorson, the main keep should be), a massive monolith of white stone, engraved with vast runes, which warn of a dire peril. POWERFUL magic, beyond anything the group have known, thrums quietly from it, the result Ormid and Gyllithed decide of either a Gods actions, or a grand ritual that would have devoured the life force of those working it. Either way, it is no minor feat of magery.

15:05 – Further investigation by the group reveals what appears to be an effort to mine into or under the monolith by persons unknown. They also see that the streets of the city are choked with fungal growths and rubble.

The exit form this chamber leads directly into an elevator shaft, and the group decide to use the ancient rungs of a ladder hammered into the wall to descend into the city.

15:10 – About halfway down the group encounter a strong warm breeze, faintly smelling of brimstone, blowing from the north. They ignore it, deciding to see what is going on at the Monolith – determined to stop the mining if, as the group surmise, the purpose of it is to hold in some dark thing.

The group wrap cloth around their Sunrod so they can control its light, and move into the rotting streets of the dead city.

15:25 – The Vyrleen and Artificer sense stealthy movement in the gloom ahead. The group hide in the buildings either side of the decrepit street and wait...

15:26 – A patrol of Dwaerdorin move by; soldiers in heavy chain, bearing a variety of weapons. The group decide to ambush them, and take them by surprise.

15:28 – After initially gaining the upper hand, the party find themselves fighting for their very lives against the Dark Dundiir. One of them is a powerful psychic, who unleashes psychic lightning and confusion powers, as well as emanating waves of psychic pain which distract the group. There are also a pair of Crossbowmen who are able to imbue their bolts with elemental power, which blasts the party and visits all kinds of doom on them

Time and again the group come to the brink of defeat, before managing to pull back. One of the crossbowmen flees, but after a short chase (skill challenge), the group capture and kill him (Llewellyn caves his skull in with a well placed blow from his mace).

15:30 – From his vantage point on the roof, Llewellyn spots two more Dwaerdorin soldiers approaching on the backs of huge spiders.

15:31 - The group re-join and hide themselves and the corpses, hoping to avoid a confrontation (they have not had chance to rest and so have not been able to regain lost encounter powers or their action point. They are able to spend up to two healing surges, though with the help of Ormids powers, extra healing is gained)

15:33 – Despite their efforts, the Steeder Patrol spot the drag marks, and move to investigate...