Last game update - 19/5/09

Okay, not a lot got done this evening, as the characters hit level 8, and we ended up just talking about crap instead of playing - not that is in any way a bad thing.

Anyway, here are the time line entries...

15:31 - The group re-join and hide themselves and the corpses, hoping to avoid a confrontation (they have not had chance to rest and so have not been able to regain lost encounter powers or their action point. They are able to spend up to two healing surges, though with the help of Ormids powers, extra healing is gained)

15:33 – Despite their efforts, the Steeder Patrol spot the drag marks, and move to investigate...

15:35 – Group ambush and battle the Dwaerdorin and Spiders, winning with ease

15:36 – Group flee the area, and find shelter in a half drowned basement. They decide to take an extended rest.

22:00 – After rest; decide to continue to explore the monolith

22:15 – Group move through streets until they come to the edge of the section of cavern floor that rises to meet the second layer of the cavern. The buildings here are spilling over with Gorgryn and Kydraxi, as well as a few patrols of Dwaerdorin. Rubbish floods the streets, and rats and other things race everywhere, glutting on the mess.

After a brief discussion in which the group weigh the pros and cons of simply wading in and killing everything, they decide to sneak through the area.

22:25 – Halfway through their sneak, the group get a better view of the layout of the next level. They spot an armoured tent in the middle of an organised camp of tents, surrounded by defensive banks of stone spikes. They also notice that there are numerous Gorgryn and Kydraxi running about, and that there are extensive mining efforts going on at the foot of the monolith.

22:35 – The group, with a blend of subtlety and simple aggression make it through the minion camp without getting caught. At the edge of the upper camp, the group can see many piles of rubble, excavated from the rock under / around the monolith everywhere (perfect cover).

Ormid spots a spherical, tentacle eyed form floating in the gloom at the back of the camp, entering a tunnel at least 100' above the camp. A ladder or something leads to the tunnel. At this time, the artificer chooses not to tell his companions that an Eye Tyrant may or may not be involved in all this...

* * *

Okay, so I let them have an extended rest way before they should have, but the way I saw it, if I denied them that ability, they would have got splatted in the next fight, and let's be honest how much fun is that...I mean for the players, not me...I mean, splatting PC's is pure fun for me, but for them, how much fun would it be?

Not a lot.

Anyway, my Dwaerdorin have proved to be a lot tougher than I thought they would, though I am pretty sure this is because I seem to have rolled really well when playing them. For the spider fight I used the following;


Some of the Dwaerdorin ride on Steeders (Blade Spiders), patrolling in a wide arc, over the rooftops as well as rotted streets

2 x Blade Spiders (Brute 10, Monster Manual P. 246)
2 x Dwaerdorin Soldier (Soldier 7)

The Blade Spiders were pretty ferocious to tell the truth, but some of the most vicious damage came from one of the Dwaerdorin's powers. My players are familiar enough with it now that I don't mind sharing...

[melee] Puncturing Strike (Standard; Recharge 4,5,6) ◆ Weapon

Must be wielding a War Pick; +12 Vs Fort; 1D12+5 plus Ongoing 5 damage, and
target suffers a -2 penalty to their AC (save ends both)

Yeah, this little beauty has wreaked some horrible, spurting agony in the game, and shall continue to for the foreseeable future, for there are worse things than mere footsoldiers in this area...much, much worse things...