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Friday, 22 May 2009

Monster Manual II and other Musings

So, it arrived this morning. Thunder rumbled ominously, and the air grew dense and strangely perfumed as I tore the bubble wrap from the dark tome, and ran my fingers over its silky covers. And, after a quick read through, it seems to kick ass...though I am bit vexed by the lies we were told regarding the return of the Pennangalan...Pennnann...Penann - floaty head come off at night vampire, and the Vargouille.

Having said that, it is otherwise bloody lovely...for the GM. The players are gonna' hate it. Not only do we get the lovely Rust Monster back, but we get variants, including their swarming young and a magic feeding big brother. 4e Iron Golems are mighty opponents who I just know are going to sow carnage at the table top, and as for the new Demons...woooooo!

And I can't help feeling slightly optimistic that Spelljammer may yet make a come back, for now we have Neogi, Dracons (thinly disguised as the Drakkoth), Hive Mothers, Spelljamming Ships (in Manual of the Planes) and many other things that fit right in.

There are some fabulous new elementals, and some really weird things that I can't wait to throw at the group.

Only real complaints are the 4e Duergar (or Dwaerdorin in my games)...what. the. f*ck?

Beard quills?


I shall ignore the 4e stats (they will do for a devil possessed clan maybe - anyone remember the Knights of Ket'Tzerrak?), and stick with those I have done for the current game.

Oh, and a point of massive unimportance to me; Metallic Dragons are back. Yawn.

Anyway, I have been writing the final scene for the current (monolith arc) campaign story in my regular game, and I have to say, the last encounter will be both a bitch to run, and, if it goes as I imagine, tons of fun. The guys are at least two or three sessions away from that though, so you will have to wait. However, I will reveal that it was partly inspired by the old loading screen for the last expansion on DDO.

Anyway, I need food...and caffeine...and I will catch you all soon. Our next game in on Tuesday, so I shall be posting around then if not before.

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