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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Session report - 26/5/09

bad things happen in this one...

22:35 – The group, with a blend of subtlety and simple aggression make it through the minion camp without getting caught. At the edge of the upper camp, the group can see many piles of rubble, excavated from the rock under / around the monolith everywhere (perfect cover).
Ormid spots a spherical, tentacle eyed form floating in the gloom at the back of the camp, entering a tunnel at least 100' above the camp. A ladder or something leads to the tunnel. At this time, the artificer chooses not to tell his companions that an Eye Tyrant may or may not be involved in all this...

Group decide – after a brief discussion, during which Ormid makes them aware of the eye tyrant – to check out the activity around the base of the monolith

23:10 – Group carefully thread their way up towards the base of the monolith using the plentiful piles of rubble as cover.

Brundorson notices that the rubble does not look like it has been mined, but rather torn from the ground

Many Gorgryn and Kydraxi fill the area, and Dwaerdorin guards watch over the nearest of three tunnels boring under the monolith. The two further tunnels have apparently been abandoned, and are now where off duty Gorgryn smoke and piss.

23:15 - After some planning, the group adopt crude disguises (some jump into an
abandoned mine cart, which is to be pushed by other), and move towards the second disused tunnel.

23:20 - Brundorson (disguised as a Dwaerdorin) intimidates the Gorgryn within this tunnel, and the group enter undisturbed.

Group move a little ways into the rubble choked darkness, and then light a Sunrod [Sunrod 4 of 6 used]

23:30 – Several group members notice that there are rhythmic vibration and roars emanating throug the ground. A slight breeze is also detected by the Dundorin, and a shattered segment of tunnel, subsiding into the new tunnels in the active shaft is located.

23:35 – The tunnel ends in a glowing wall of pristine stone that veritably crackles with power – the monolith. Despite the surrounding stone being torn to shreds by the claws of whatever is doing the work (Brundorson feels it could be Umber Hulks), the monolith's sides are untouched.

23:40 – Back at the weakened area of tunnel, the warriors begin to force a way into the lower tunnel

27/11/49 – The Group are Underground

00:05 – Group open a way into a low corridor that leads into the active tunnels.

00:10 – They crawl downwards and find themselves in a rubble strewn corridor. To the east and down, they can hear monstrous roars, whips cracking, Dwaerdorin issuing gruff commands, and the moans of Kydraxi and Gorgryn. Small groups of greenskins rush by, carrying chunks of hewn stone.

Suddenly, a familiar violet and black flickering is seen from the direction of the mine face, and the group feel a surge of magic. Screams and roars of shock and pain, as well as curiously Gorgoth like battle cries echo from the mine face, and the group feel the repeated release of powerful spells.

Suddenly, an Umber Hulk, apparently fleeing whatever is happening lumbers into view, closely followed by three panicking Dwaerdorin. On sensing the group, the Umber Hulk attacks, and fearing the group are allied with their attackers further in, the Dwaerdorin join in.

A brutal battle, in which Llewellyn slays many, ensues. The group are quite worn out, and shaken by the growing waves of raw POWER emanating from the monolith, apparently in response to a dark voice which is chanting powerfully from that area

Group get three rounds to do some preparation before five huge, sleek, Gorgoth like figures; black skinned, rune inked and crackling with eldritch power, come round the corner, weapons raised.

Brundorson seems to go into shock at sight of them, muttering “but you can't be what you are! You ain't real. You ain't real”


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