My New Campaign - The Players Intro

Here is the intro I have sent out to those souls who are playing in my new game (which should start in the next month or so). It's set a long time after Ormid and the boys and indeed, four years after the last "present day" game group was active.


Third Age - Late Spring, 1472 – Two Years after the Aelwyn War ended

When the wars ended, most people thought that everything would go back to normal; that life could be about things other than death and hatred.

They were, of course, wrong – very, very wrong.

The War of Retribution
The Aelwyn did not operate entirely alone during the three long years of war, and following their defeat, it was decided that their mortal allies too must be purged from the world. Now the tired but determined alliance armies wage a bitter war in Vaesuur and certain areas of Upper Malgoroth, seeking out those who betrayed their own kind during the wars, in order to burn their treacherous lines from the world forever.

Aided by the vast forces produced from the Unified Order's creation forges, and spurred on by their hatred (and the prospect of claiming the rich lands of Vaesuur), they have made steady progress...


A Land Undefended
Your home land lies barely defended, it's fighting men either slain in the wars, or far away fighting in the Wars of Retribution. Foul things, old enemies of the mortal races, have flourished on the carnage and darkness of the wars, and grown strong. Now, with many of the ancient defences which kept them at bay destroyed, and the civilized lands woefully undermanned, these things – Gorgoth, Gorgryn, the followers of ruinous powers and worse – are making their move, seeking to claim dominion over the realms of your peoples and their allies.

A World in Chaos
Other legacies of the great war cause problems, for mighty magics and terrible powers were unleashed during the dark years of battle, and the world – barely recovered from the upheavals of the Age of Loss – has been sorely wounded. Aberrant magic, mutation and dimensional instability have all become a serious problem, and unnatural plagues and terrible things called from the darkness stalk the world, flourishing on the fear and flesh of the cringing populace. Indeed, in search of answers, many strange new cults, allied to alien or daemonic deities have sprung up, further misleading the vulnerable and desperate in a time when cohesion and strength is needed for survival.

For some the War continues...
Not all the Aelwyn left this world at the end of the wars. In Aeldas'Salviras, those Aelwyn which refused to fight desperately seek to make peace with a world that hates them, whilst others have deliberately stayed behind, determined to win a victory for their people, and to strike a fatal blow to the “footnote races”. Even now there are rumours of terrorist bands and secret covens of Aelwyn who operate with guile and stealth, and form plans that span many human lifetimes, which will see the world return to their “rightful” rule.

The Rise of the Order
Before the wars, the Unified Order had power; regulating, licensing and policing the use of all magic (save in certain realms). Now, after their major part in the wars, and backed by their army of Warforged, they have risen to almost total dominance; having the ear of all governments and helping to rebuild the shattered lives of the common folk. Their magi and war machines even now lay waste to the infrastructure of Vaesuur, and their name is synonymous with power, protection and purity...

...But are they as innocent as they seem, or is there a secret agenda? Have the mortal races fought off one ineffable foe, only to allow another in by the back door? Why do the Order still punish those mages who refuse to abide by their strictures, and why do they continue to accuse and punish so many “wild” talents?

Warforged and Steinsklave
The Warforged and Steinsklave (Goliaths) are now major playable races (the Goliaths were a dirty secret of the Vaessurian's until the war; a captive force of slaves used for their massive physical strength and endurance liberated by the allied armies during their advance), whilst players who wish to play an Aelwyn (elf or eladrin) will find that the world now hates them, and that most people would rather kill you on sight than hear your story.

Beginning of the End
This time represents the middle times of the Third Age, and the start of the events that will (in another 4,000 years time) see the Second Guild War (though this time it will span planets and planes) and the Third Fall of Magic and the birth of the Fourth Age...