Session Update - 4/6/09

Another awesome session in which legendary and unnatural adversaries are uncovered and primal magics are unleashed...

- Group get three rounds to do some preparation before five huge, sleek, Gorgoth like figures; black skinned, rune inked and crackling with eldritch power, come round the corner, weapons raised.

- Brundorson seems to go into shock at sight of them, muttering “but you can't be what you are! You ain't real. You ain't real”

- Sensing that their doom could well be upon them, the group throw themselves fully into battle with these strange and powerful new enemies. Initially the battle goes well for the group, with two of the warrior like monsters falling to their attacks without chance to attack. However, one of the monsters hurls a powerful spell which banishes a number of party members to a terrible dimension, where they are torn apart by primal energies, and though they all fight their way back to the physical plane, the damage from that dark place lingers. Curses are cast which confuse the parties fighters, forcing them to attack allies, and other curses reduce the parties luck, hugely reducing their ability to deal damage or to shake off ill effects.

- However, with perseverance and sound tactics, the group manage to overcome these horrific foes.

00:18 – Just as the last of these new monsters are being slain, a blast of impossible energy, brighter than the suns and full of raw, primal, chaotic power, surges through the corridors, engulfing the party. All loose consciousness...

04:30 – Group awaken, sorely wounded, and take in the their bizarre, distorted surroundings. It seems that whatever energies were unleashed earlier have hugely warped the physical properties of the local area (and indeed, the entire city beyond). Monsters have been slain and preserved in impossible ways, whilst others have been reduced to luminous shadows. The properties of the very rock here have been changed; a glassy layer of shimmering material now forming a layer over the tortured stone.

- The group rest (and witness first hand the dire effects the blast had on some of the creatures, when a faceless Gorgryn, mutated beyond sanity stumbles by).

- Brundorson tells the group that he believes the things they fought were an ancient offshoot of the Gorgoth, who followed dark masters into even darker places towards the end of the First Age. Named the Gorum'Durrak, he explains that they are a horrific legend, and that if they are here then the monolith's power must be dire indeed.

- Group agree (some more reluctantly than others) that they must stop the monsters!

10:45 – Group move towards the mine face

10:55 – Beyond a barrier of warped stone fangs looms the wall of the monolith's side. Impossibly, a perfectly circular hole pierces it, leading to a long tunnel

11:00 – The group discuss their plans, until Llewellyn, bored of the inactivity, charges into the corridor.

- The Vyrleen strikes an invisible barrier, and then flees as potent sorcery drags a flickering apparition of raw chaos into this plane – an Axyraxi.

- Another desperate battle ensues. The monster summons a mote of chaos stuff which it uses to manipulate the battlefield, whilst its own powers teleport the group, and lash them with psychic and force damage.

- The battle swings this way and that, sometimes in the monsters' favour, sometimes in the groups. Several of the party are forced to throw their most desperate and powerful attacks at this foe, despite the fact that they cannot rest or meditate for long afterwards, and with time and effort, the monster is weakened to a point where it can no longer bear to be in this dimension, and it fades from reality, leaving the path into the monolith clear...

So, the Gorum'Durrak were pretty cool to play. I was a bit gutted at first when two of the Gogs (warriors) went down without doing anything, though it was entirely due to some excellent tactics by the group. However, when several party members got transported off the board, and the Gorum'Durrak Hexer got to lay some vicious (as in roll twice and take the worst result style) bad mojo on the group, things got a lot trickier.

As for the Axyraxi, a tough battle, which I would like not to have had to rush - but which still proved suitably challenging and enjoyable.

So, the group are nearing the end of this adventure. Next week is, I suspect, the week my final "it will be awesome, or it will be shite" battle should trigger, so watch this space! Yay!