Session Write Up - 22/6/2009

The story continues. The write up doesn't do justice to just how many natural "1"'s Terry threw this night. It was hilarious...not that all that failure dented the Vyrleen's cockiness! And if you are wondering why Ormid got so shiny since last week, it's because the "Eberron Players Guide" came out and he got the full Artificer class...just don't remind Dave, who is more than a little gutted that there wasn't much Warforged love in it!

And now I am thinking of Warforged porn...ugh.


12:10 – The group emerge into a cold afternoon within an ancient and wild pine forest, apparently growing on the sides of some steep geological formation (like a mountains foothills).

12:25 – After the group have spent some time gathering their wits, and checking their surroundings out. Llewellyn climbs one of the trees and reports mountains marching to the north, east and west, and forest as far as the eye can see southwards (though the land slopes sharply in that direction). The group vote to head south and seek out civilization.

The rest of this day and night pass without event; the group making headway down the slope.

28/11/49 – (Wanderer enters the Segmentum Mortalis) (Local weather; Heavy sleety rain, with thunderstorms developing in the evening)

07:00 – After a cold and wet night, the group continue on their way.

14:00 – The group have made good progress. Ormid has been flicking through the ritual book he got from the Gigorim mage, and has spotted a ritual he thinks could aid them in their travels. He suggests that the group finds a good place to shack up for a bit, so he can master the ritual and work it for them. The group agree.

16:20 – the light is fading fast, and sleety rain falls heavily. The group spy a break in the pine canopy ahead, and move towards it.

16:25 – The break marks the location of an old set of rusted rail type tracks set into the bottom of a cutting. It is half overgrown, but movement along the cutting is swifter and easier going than through the forests.

17:00 – With little light remaining, the group pause to look ahead. However, their rest is cut short when from all around lumbering humanoids; rotundly fat, though thick with muscle beneath, near neckless, and with small brutal faces set within massive, thick skulled heads attack.

Urgorgori (Ogres)!

Fortunately for the group, the Warforged senses the monsters a second before their well prepared (and oft used) ambuscade is launched, and they are not taken by surprise.
A fierce battle breaks out. Llewellyn has a very bad time of it, repeatedly missing badly with attacks, becoming unbalanced and generally doing very poorly (lots of fumbles, and granting combat advantage).

The group are peppered with heavy javelins lobbed by Urgorgori lurking at the top of the cutting in the forest, whilst a force of stinking brutes armed with massive spiked clubs lay about them face to face.

It takes time, but the monsters are either slain or driven off.

17:15 – After a brief rest, the group move on

17:35 – The tracks end at what appears to be a decrepit wood mill. Exploration of the building reveals it to be in poor repair; but good enough for a short stay. With night drawing in, and a thunderstorm full of icy winds and sleet moving in from the north, the group settle in for the night...


Llewellyn begins to antagonise Durjani about her binding tattoo and about the vampires heart her master was carrying

They begin to argue bitterly, and Durjani reveals that the heart belonged to Belar Shakem, head of House Shakem and father to Ujan. She reveals that Belar was vampirised in an attack, and that after a brief frenzy of bloodshed he was brought low by the Shakem guard. She states that Ujan, not wanting to have the responsibility of running the house, had arranged for his father to be “brought back” with a priest in Jadasvere. All was going to plan until the Gigorim attacked, and the chest was lost...the group are only too aware of what happened next of course.

Llewellyn and the Warforged argue that Ujan deserved his death, but Durjani angrily puts it to them that they knew how any merchant prince would react when being taunted, especially as they were insulting his honour with their words.

The Warforged seems very confused at this point, unable to grasp the concept or point of honour, and Llewellyn merely continues to pour jibes (or “the truth” as he calls it) on Durjani.
In the end Durjani turns on the Vyrleen, and warns him that she will no longer watch his back in battle (i.e. He gets no boons from her Warlord abilities that affect allies).

With the mood rapidly turning dark, the group go to sleep

Initially Ormid stays up; determined to get an old artifice wood saw working again (he fails his Arcana checks and breaks it instead).

The Warforged takes over watch duty, still vexed by his earlier conversation with Durjani...

29/11/49 (Heavy sleet until dawn, then heavy rain. Drizzle by dusk, and clear by midnight)

03:30 – The Warforged is on watch. He mulls over the conversation, and fails to notice the small band of enraged Urgogori heading towards the mill until they are upon him.

One of the monsters is a huge beast; 9' tall and 7' wide, carrying a massive flail.

The rest of the group awake to the roaring of the monsters, and another frenzied battle ensues.
The group are quickly triumphant, and Ormid's artifice seems to shine with a new power and range.

The leader, blasted by fire and lightning, slashed by the blades of the Warforged and Dundorin, and battered by artifice winds and dark necrotic bolts, flees, screaming as conjured acid eats away at this flesh.

The rest of this day passes without event, though the dark mood of the party remains.

30/11/49 (overcast, cold with patchy rain)

Group remain in the wood mill whilst Ormid studies. By the end of the day he believes he has grasped the ritual and will be able to use it the next day.

31/11/49 (Chilly, windy but bright, growing cloudier towards night)

The group make even swifter progress thanks to the Phantom Steeds that Ormid conjures with his ritual, and by nightfall the group have left the forest and are headed eastwards. Durjani has realised where they are (to the south of the Clouded Hills, northeast of Lumor), and has suggested that they look for one of the numerous towns that crowd the main trade routes, or seek out one of the great merchant cities in the area. The group agree.

31/11/49 – 3/12/49

Group move along the roads. No events of note.

3/12/49 (Cold, blustery, rainy)

18:30 – Group arrive at the “Three Flames” inn, in the small town of Jash'Sharim (5 days to the northwest of the Merchant City of Tajanar).