The Old Addiction

There was no game this week, as Craig is on holiday, and the next session will contain a lot of plot, a lot of roleplaying, and also, a lot of stuff that Ormid will be happy to be "present" for.

So, when Dave and tez arrived this week, I asked them if they would like to play some Magic: The Gathering, and indeed, they did!

Now about 12 years ago I MTG, and I spent every penny I had on it (this was before 3e, and so there were no new AD&D 2nd edition books to buy as TSR had gone tits up), and built up a vast collection of cards. Eventually I had the fun killed for me by overzealous players who were A) more obssessed than me and B) better at deck building than me.

There are only so many times you can get beaten, or discuss the merits of particular strategy before you have had enough, and I gave up just in time for 3e to come out and stake its claim to my monies.

And so, for all the intervening times my cards have dwelt in a variety of boxes, gathering dust, and in a few cases, getting a bit bent out of shape.

And then...

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers came out on XBLA, and I downloaded it. I played a few games, and the old rules came back to me. Out of nostalgic interest I downloaded the up to date rules for Magic, and then I downloaded the massive, 159 page Uber Rules for Magic...

...And then I got my cards out and put a couple of decks together. Sian, being my perfect match (i.e. as big a geek as me) was eager to learn the rules, and pretty quickly we were duelling like pro's

More decks got built...and then it happened.

I bought some new cards...and then I bought some more...and now I am waiting for the end of the month to see if I have any spare pennies to buy any more...and Terry has apparently been playing Magic Online, and Dave has remembered how much fun it is...and his wife played for the first time on Sunday and loved it...and....and.......and.....

Oh dear, I'm addicted again.

So, last night, each of us won one game, and in the end, Tez won the deciding round.

All the decks were made by me (Red Goblin deck, Red/Green Burn deck / Black Discard deck / Black Rack-Vise deck, a basic Blue Deck with lots of unblockable beasties, green massive monsters deck and a White Weenie), and it was nice to see which ones really worked well (the Black Vise one is NASTY as is the Red/Green Burn deck), and which need some tweaking (definitely the Green one - too slow by half).

Next week we will be back with the boys in space, but it was nice to play something different this week, and I am looking forwards to playing again...sooooooon I hope!