Session Report - 20/7/09

Sorry it's late, I've been busy preparing for the new game! Anyway...

20:18 - The group meet the new threat head on, and a deadly battle ensues. However, the guards fare no better than the Golem and its unliving allies, and soon their ravaged corpses lie in bloody piles on the floor.

Having slain all the guards for now, the group advance into the slave pens.

20:25 - They enter a long corridor, flanked on either side by cells. Each cell is packed with blank eyed slaves; all of whom appear to be in some kind of meditative trance.

The stench of unwashed bodies, ordure and sour air are strong here, and the group notice that each cell appears to have some kind of filthy feeding trough in it.

Several members of the Wanderer's crew are spotted amongst the slaves; each bearing a crystalline thorn in their foreheads; each a slave of the Neogi

20:27 - Llewellyn spots a side room which appears to be where the guards they just slew were stationed.

Ormid spots, at the far end of the corridor, a complex looking control panel, studded with strange crystalline dials and psi-circuitry, which apparently has something to do with the huge metal and crystal doors a little further on, that block the end of the corridor (and any further progress forwards).

20:28 – 20:35 - Whilst Llewellyn explores the side room (discovering some ritual scrolls, as well as the controls needed to open the slave cells and several stone jars that contain psionically tamed Grey Oozes – a way of cleaning the slave pens out quickly and easily), Ormid decides to poke around in the door control panel...

20:36 - ...with disastrous results. Unfamiliar with the technology involved (and thanks to some particularly naff dice rolls on Craig's part), Ormid not only fails to open the door, but triggers a truly lethal trap

The trap opens a portal that leads to space. The resulting decompression creates a sucking maelstrom in the corridor, which threatens to pull all the group (save the Vyrleen who is safely tucked away in the side room, braced against the winds pull) through the portal, and to spit them into space

Each member of the party struggles to pull themselves to safety. The Warforged assists greatly in this, his natural stability and great physical strength allowing him to move in the blasting winds with few problems

Ormid, apparently unwilling or unable to realise what a balls up he has made simply leaves the rest of the group to struggle once he is plonked in the side room with the Vyrleen (by the Warforged). This enrages Brundorson when he gets in (after several incidents of being sucked closer to the deadly portal), and the furious Dundorin throws Ormid's precious flask of Hot chocolate (which he was just opening) out into the corridor where it is sucked away and blasted into space.

20:38 - After a short while the portal closes...the doors beyond begin to open...

20:39 - Still more guards arrive; a mixed band of mongrels, mutants, Gorgoth and a particularly potent Genasai with a wide range of lightning and thunder based spells.

Wearied by their trials this day, the group find this battle somewhat taxing. The mage is a horrible foe, who uses his magic to not only blast and burn the party, but to ride elemental winds and to avoid damage.

Llewellyn has a nasty turn when he runs ahead of the group to try and trigger the portal trap again (in the hopes of sucking the guards out into space). Alas, he discovers a fail safe is in place, which prevents it operating when guards are in its reach, and he finds himself surrounded by powerful foes.

20:40 - Eventually, the exhausted group defeat the guards, and stumbling forwards, they enter the lift that waits beyond the now open doors

20:42 - Catching their breath as the lift descends, the suddenly find themselves facing a human male and an illithid – Marix and his ally perhaps?