of men (and dundorin and warforged and Vyrleen) and Mind Flayers...

Suddenly a psychic aura flashes through the air, and five of the brains in jars around the chamber begin to rattle on their stands, before they levitate and begin to attack with waves of psionic energy and psychic lightning.

An alien figure, dressed in gleaming layered robes of white and silver slips into the chamber from a side room, it's tentacles writhing with eager hunger – Oozulg. The Mind Flayer unleashes a potent psionic attack, and all but Gyllithed and the Warforged believe they are being held by barded tentacles. Indeed, so strong is this belief that each victim begins to bleed from their ears and mouths.

What ensues is the most desperate battle that the group have fought, for Oozulg's mental powers are devastating, and those of the brains only add to the groups misery. Friends are turned into enemies, attacks that would slay a normal foe are rendered useless, and slowly but surely, the party is weakened.

At one point, the Warforged is taken down by a wave of psychic energy, whilst later, the Dundorin is knocked out by a savage slash of Oozulg's barbed tentacles.

Indeed, things get so serious that Llewellyn and Ormid cash in their boon (granted by the Earth God after they cleansed his temple of daemonic evil); gaining supernatural healing and resistance.

Things begin to swing back towards the groups favour. Brundorson manages to land two heavy blows on the Mind Flayer, and the Warforged lands a few solid hits on various foes.

Seeing the Illithid is wounded, and knowing their hunger for self preservation, Ormid suddenly addresses the aberration, mantled in divine power, informing it of obscure arcane laws pertaining to ancient pacts drawn up between long dead civilizations and certain elder deities.

Such is the conviction and skill of his delivery (He uses one of the Skill Powers from the PHB 3), that the aberration backs off (glad to be given a chance to live). The artificer tries to reach an accord with the monster, but is betrayed when Oozulg activates a power and teleports away, commanding his pets to finish the job of slaying the group!

The brains attack and slowly, but painfully, are destroyed (The Warforged utilizes one of the Dwaer'Syth tapestries as a net, with which he captures the brains, before smashing them on the floor with brutal effect) – save one, which passes through an apparently solid wall as it flees


At this point two huge Clay Golems, covered in glowing runes appear through the illusory wall and move towards the group.

Horrified and weakened beyond their ability to survive, the group look desperately around for some avenue of escape.

Llewellyn, remembering the way the Illithid's communicates mentally “shouts” out to Mulgey, and miraculously, over the general psychic hubub of the ongoing attack on the ship, he hears him.

As the Golems close the distance, a field of teleporation surrounds the group, and they find themselves back with Mulgey, Marix and a bunch of weary looking folks, naked except for a thin layer of greenish slime!

Brief reunions, a short break, and the large group of (now equipped) heroes move towards the ships (it turns out that the attackers are a large clan of space pirates – the Void Wolves – who are here to reclaim their ruler. Luckily their ruler is one of the souls freed from the tanks, so with luck, the pirates may be persuaded to let everyone go (though the Neogi must still be hunted down and slain).