The Other Game

I think I should point out here that the game with Ormid and the gang is not my only campaign at present. I also run another regular game with five players, and would also, when I get time, like to stick a bit about them up here too.

So, from now on, I shall try to use the labels, so its easier to tell which entry refers to which group.

Right, a bit of background!

Our characters are; Emmiven ("Human" Warlord), Seren (Dragonborn Sorcerer*), Schnecke (Human Barbarian), Grigori (Human Cleric), Varracuda (Water Genasai Swordmage) and Gorthias (Human Warden)

Up to this point I have not been keeping detailed notes of the games (we are only three in - though I appreciate it's bad that I have not been writing things up; I intend to get a digital recorder to I can tape the sessions and transcribe them later), however to summarise;

(21/3/1472 - Third Age)

Our heroes are supposed to be chasing down some bandits who recently attacked a caravan that was carrying certain components needed to create a cure to an unnatural plague that has swept through the characters base of Greenford. However, after being ambushed by Black Gob Gorgryn (a local tribe of Goblins well known for their addiction to "Gob Root"; a local herb that stains the users mouth black after repeated use and instills a dreamy, stimulated state), they got side tracked, and decided to hunt the vermin down to their lair and wipe them out (lots of justification found for doing this, despite Gorthias' annoyance at his companions lack of ability to stick to the specified mission).

The group located the monsters muddy lair and set about attacking, engaging in a number of brutal skirmishes with Gorgryn, Dire Boars, strange reptillian Gorgryn Hounds and eventually, the monsters boss; a bloated little maniac (accompanied by several fanatical females and a fungus worshipping shaman) named Blacksnot Ripgutz. They also tripped off several traps on their journey (including a pit trap with a Dire Rat in it, a trap that spilled flaming oil everywhere and a traditional logswing trap that did as much damage to the monsters as it did to the group).

Eventually, they were successful in slaying the Black Gob leader and his minions, and sore and battered the group rested, happy with the trinkets they found amidst the filth in Black Snotz lair.


After this the group (again despite Gorthias' protestations) decided to check out a corridor they had noticed glowing the day before at the far end of the Black Gob's home cavern. Entering the cavern again, they were amused and dismayed to see that the death of the leader had lead to some kind of struggle amongst the wretched humanoids, which had seen some kind of massed battle amongst themselves, and lead to most of them being either driven off or slain. After a brief exploration around the edges of the cavern the group moved towards the glowing corridor and discovered the source of the pale greenish-white radiance to be aelwyn stonework; the frontage to a crumbling corridor of ancient aelwyn architecture.

Unfortunately, the Black Gobs have been using the depression in the caverns floor in front of the corridor as a midden (and to tan the skins they obtain), and a horrible pool of Gorgryn waste bubbles foully there; the ground either side slick with unmnentionable slimes.

Well, the group decide to leap over, and most manage it without even rolling a dice...

...Grigori though...*sigh*

At first the party are all highly amused as the uptight logic priest falls into the stew. However, amusement turns to horror as a vast monster, all mouth and tentacles emerges from the mess and attacks! A Groth'Ergulg (Otyugh).

A difficult battle ensues, which sees Varracuda slipping into the stew, and the monster lashing madly out at the group. However, the thing is brought down, and the group - keeping a good distance from the two shit smeared ones - carries on down the corridor.

After a short distance, they realise that the corridor leads back up into the Borderwoods. However, the group find a section of the corridor where the white stone has been torn away, and a tunnel dug down into the packed earth and tree roots. Curious, the group explore.

A little way in, and they see several large beetles moving amongst patches of unpleasant looking fungi (which Gorthias identifies as Choker Cap; a toxic, spore blasting species). Varracuda identifies the beetles (which are clearly agitated by the group but not aggressive) as Fire Beetles.

The group decide it's time to go, and turn to do so...only...

A huge scarab emerges from the tunnel floor directly beneath Varracuda, and bites him with its massive jaws. This agitates the other bugs, and they attack. One of the bugs unleashes a sheet of chemical flame, badly burning Gorthias and Emmiven, whilst the other leaps to attack, setting off a patch of the fungi.

The scarab burrows away into the ground, and vanishes, only to reappear (and be slain a moment later) by the swordmage. The beetles and fungi are also dismantled by the group, though a few good hits are taken by the weary adventurers.

As the beetles die, a strange, bubbling wail is heard from further down the tunnel; similar to the wail of a gorgryn, but deeper and strangely, sounding as if it has come from two mouths. The group follow the wailing and weeping, and find themselves in a large root chamber deep underground.

There they spy a mutated gorgryn (I used a Dolgrim), clearly upset about his pets being slain. The mutant is accompanied by three more giant bugs; two that drool acid, another that spits ropy slime. All attack!

Another battle (and the group feel kinda' bad about attacking the gorgryn, for it wails and weeps everytime a beetle - or one of the grubs that crawl aroud the room - is hurt), and sobs piteously when wounded. However, it is dangerous, and eventually, with a despairing cry, it limps to a wall, and dies from its wounds. Magic and swordplay (and the barbarian's axe) soon see the beetles ended.

Several items are recovered from the lair, including an enchanted dagger, a strange shard that trembles with power, and two aelwyn power crystals; batteries for certain aewlyn devices and sites.

And that is where we are. Game time is 09:30, 22/3/1472, and the group have a long day ahead of them yet. Stay tuned to see what happens next!!!!!

* The Dragonborn in my world are the results of tampering, and initially do not in any way resemble the reptillian brutes depicted in the PHB. All appear to be members of another race, though they clearly bear some stigmata that give away that there is something different. However, as they go up their levels, they begin a slow metamorphosis into the familliar "man dragon" form that you all know - although many only partially complete this, taking on certain traits but not others.