At Last - Another Game!

I got the swine flu, and had to cancel several games, which has left me champing at the bit to hurt something!

Luckily, the next Pre-War game is on tonight, so I get to unleash some Paragon Tier horror on them! In order to get a swift start tonight, I have emailed the following update to the guys, and in the interest of cohesion, will reproduce it below for you!

Hope you enjoy!

"Just to save a little bit of time, your game tonight will be starting some six weeks after your battles with Franz. Unfortunately, in his final, explosive strike, the Esoteric Hunter Knight blew poor Ormid's arm clean off. He nearly died, and needed several weeks to recover and come to terms with his disability...until an idea hit...attaching the slain hunters artifice limb to his own shoulder!

Several more weeks were needed for Ormid to recover from this (he nearly bled to death in the process), which in a way was nice - you got to spend the week of Winterfeast in "civilized" surroundings. Now however he is now ready to move on, and all of you, after six weeks of relative rest (see below) are also ready to move on.

During your time in Garras'Knar time you have been staying at the Broken Door (or just "the Door" as you now call it), and have been able to earn enough coin to keep you there without cutting into your sparse savings with various minor tasks (patrols mostly along the borders of the cities boundaries). You have become local celebrities of sorts; partly because of the "thinking golems" in your group, and partly because of Ormids new limb.

The weather has gone from bad to worse, with blizzards sweeping from the north, and burying the town on several occasions. People here however are used to hardship, and the doom and gloom atmosphere that soaked the very fiber of Lorehaven's atmosphere is not found here - just a grim determination to enjoy each day as it comes, and to be glad for that day alive.

During this time you have also got to know your new allies better. Smite (the warforged monk) has struck up a firm friendship with the mage, and appears to be trustworthy. The mongrel aelwyn and dundorin have also spent a lot of time with you (Ardwaine was instrumental is stabilizing Ormid during his injured times), and are eager to come with you in your search.

And so, on the morning of the 16/1/50, you and your group move towards the Thruk'Dun, and whatever lies beyond!"