100 Years after the Aelwyn Wars - The rise of a Dark Imperium

Almost 100 years after the Aelwyn of the Soluri System left the physical plane at the end of a bitter and terrible war, the world is a changing place shaped by the actions and beliefs of the Unified Order. As far as many of the younger races and nations on Arbel'Verdaniss and the nearby worlds are concerned, the Unified Order were almost solely responsible for the vanquishing of the Aelwyn, for they have been industrious in spreading a slightly skewed version of events – something that has infuriated many of those peoples who still live that fought and lost lands and loved ones in the battles.

Indeed, since that time, the Order has insinuated itself and its ideals into almost every facet of life on Fey, Lower Malgoroth, Calsor, the more established settlements on Eathoran and Anathar, as well as many areas of Talakasia, the Meridian Isles, Upper Malgoroth and Cryaria. Their doctrines and the accompanying paranoia regarding those that do not adhere to them have become almost a religion in their own right, and many religious organisations are beginning to wonder what exactly will follow – especially as many of their faiths are not considered entirely “appropriate” by the Order; their Gods “unpredictable supernatural entities”.

Some of the biggest changes in the world have come about with the refinement of skyship technology and the recent discovery of “Kelter Drives” - powerful portal powered engines that allow vessels to open controlled wormholes and to cover impossible distances through space. Dimensional travel has also become almost commonplace, the psychic plane now reverberating with the passing of vast Void Ships, and a Unified Order stronghold called Outpost Etherian was constructed in 1540 as the stable point of contact between the physical plane and the immaterium.

The Order have also established a strong presence on Chillosta (having helped rebuild their shattered society after a daemon plague swept their world and opened a dark portal in the planet's dark core seas), and have begun to colonise several resource rich areas of icy Raajil – much to the fury of the local Valnyrr who claim truly ancient ownership of several of them.

They are fighting a war with the debased Dwaer'Syth of the twinned shadow worlds Shan'Brastor and Cle'Rertre, and are mining the mineral rich crust of Terrun. Pyre is currently beyond their ability to colonise, and Ruen is considered a “dangerous” world, fraught with supernatural hazards deigned too lethal to try and neutralise.

The Kelter Drives are allowing the Order to begin exploring remote, alien worlds, uncovering resources and materials that will pave the way to their eventual domination of the Soluri and nearby systems, as well the local dimensions.

The Warforged are still produced though in smaller numbers than before, and many new designs are being forged, capable of acts their predecessors were not. The Order have been very busy developing weapons, improving their auto-incantation arms and building huge foundries across Arbel'Verdaniss and Chillosta. It is hoped that before the next hundred years are through, that all of the Shadow Worlds will be given over to Unified Order artifice.

The Order's main homeworld strongholds are now Irin (where they are building a great flying fortress), and the land that was once Vaesuur, now known as “The Allegiance Holds”, where their gigantic, floating city fortress of Concordis dominates. Relations with the other landholders of the Holds are currently strained, and there are rumbles of war within the Labyrinth cities of Talakasia, as they are “encouraged” to pay the Order for their “mutually beneficial endeavours” - which so far have been far more beneficial to the Order magi than the Taurgaryn.

As for the common folk, it depends on whether you live within the “civilized” lands, dominated by Order laws, education and “enlightenment”, or in the darkness beyond, a place of chaos and madness (if you believe the order) or freedom from crushing tyranny and oppression (if you don't).


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