Post War Group - 28/3/2010 - The Barbarian, The Priest and the Warlord (Continued)

2:16-12:19 – Another furious battle. The Gargoyles are particularly hard to harm due to their flight and zooming speed, and inflict serious hurt on the party with their lightning breath and lightning infused claws, whilst the Warforged is a spellcaster, who uses potent magic to wound and tie down the party, making them more vulnerable to the flying monster's attacks. However, the barbarian (who spends much of this fight dazed and staggered from the Gargoyles shocking attacks and frozen to the spot by the warforged's magic) hurls almost all his throwing axes at the fiends inflicting lethal wounds, whilst Emmiven unleashes a withering torrent of arrows (punctuated with his trademark charges when he is mobile enough to do so) and Grigori unleashes potent blasts of logic and bound radiance, and slowly the monsters are destroyed – the living construct first, and then the Gargoyles.

12:19 – 12:26 – The Barbarian and Warlord jump over the sensor range of the statue traps, and manage to move beyond their lethal field without any further blastings. They then smash one of the statues and allow Grigori (who's track record with jumping is not so good) to move through safely.

12:26 – 12:28 – The three battered adventurers have barely enough time to catch their breath before more trouble finds them. They move into the foyer where the artifice lift is located (see earlier entry for the other party), and discover that the cage is on the move. They prepare themselves to repel yet another wave of foes, and are not disappointed when four more warforged arrive; another spellcaster, two more of the standard Orellio House Guard, and a heavily armoured Warforged who's body plates are inscribed with potent runes of warding, and which wields a greenish blade of corrosive magic, etched with oozing brown runes.

The spell warden hurls a bolt of screaming magic at Grigori, but the priest batters it aside with a word, whilst the hulking warforged charges at Shnecke, swinging – and missing – with its mordant blade.

With a scream Emmiven charges the hulking warforged, denting its head and smashing it to the ground. He then throws himself madly at it again, smashing one of its eyes and crushing its face further, its fluids spurting in oily pools across the marble floor. Shnecke ends it with a howling blow from his resonant axe, the Warforged's face replacing one of those carved on its blade.

The remaining Warforged are very quickly dismantled, the barbarian smashing them back with a formidable scream before his companions finish them.

12:28-12:33 – The group bind their wounds, and allow Grigori to heal some of them before searching the lift for signs of how to use it. Grigori realises that it is simple to operate, but spots a finely crafted, well hidden compartment in the floor of the cage. His back suddenly prickling with vague fear, he looks around the cage, and spots several well hidden emitters, designed to discharge fire, lightning and necrotic power.

The lift is trapped!

After failing to gently prize the secret compartment open, the priest asks his companions to try and wrench it free, which they do with little effort, revealing a complex tangle of runes, crystals and hair triggers – the guts of the trap mechanism.

12:33 – 12:38 – A cold sweat beading on his back, Grigori warns the barbarian and warlord to back out the cage. They do, and all begin a search of the foyer again, hoping to find some mechanism for disabling the trap in the lift. They don't.

12:38 – 12:40 – Whispering prayers to the machine Gods, Grigori states that he will try to disable the trap, gently asking the warlord to not “shoot the fuck out of it”. Kneeling by the control panel, the priest begins to decipher the complex array of triggers and magic channels, and at first, makes excellent progress in shutting them down.


He gets nervous and starts to make mistakes. Dangerous mistakes. Mistakes that begin to prime the lift and its traps.

And then one mistake too many.

12:41 - Whilst the barbarian and warlord look on in shock, the lift shoots suddenly upwards, a wall of force sealing it from the outside world. They run to the shaft, and to their shock watch the lift vanish about 70' up, through a large teleport rune carved on a solid roof.

Inside, pinned to the floor by the sudden G-Force, Grigori is exposed to waves of deadly magic; fire, lightning, psychic power, and twice, glyphs that hungrily drink his life force. Luckily he is able to deflect all but a few of these attacks.

Unluckily, as the lift reaches the top of the shaft, a carpet of spikes drop down filling the cage with piercing steel, and pinning the burning priest (who would be suffering fire damage were it not for the protection of the Aurumvorax Skin) to the floor.

Agonised and haemorrhaging blood, Grigori fights through the crushing pain and absolute terror, to snap the spikes holding him, and half dead, crawls from the lift and onto a lush, blue-grey carpet in a brightly lit, white marble corridor.

12:42 – Heavy footsteps, softened by the carpet force the crawling priest to look up, and he sees, striding down the corridor towards him (the corridor leading to Rubus' office), the two Stone Golems.

Grigori gives a wretched sigh...and then spots the lift control panel by the shaft!

Desperation drives his movements, the pain from his wounds almost making him black out. Deactivating the traps on the lift through the console, the priest leaps back in the cage and sends it back down just as the Golems close the distance, their eyes glowing with pale blue light.