Irin after the Aelwyn Wars

During the war, the Unified Order built a powerful military presence in the eternal city, recognising the dangers should the Aelwyn be mad enough to attack the Tomb of the Dreaming God, possibly in a last ditch “scorched earth” attack. During the bitter months of battle, they constructed additional walls around the ancient city, and filled them with all manner of arcane and mundane weapons. They also assigned almost 12,000 newly minted Warforged to defend the site, as well as twenty Warforged Titans, countless Golems and other war machines, and bound countless elementals and other spirits to the defensive areas. They wove complex defensive mythals in harmony with those already around the Tomb of the Dreaming God, and ensured that any Aelwyn attacks were stopped long before they got within sight of the ancient city.

And they were more than successful. The Aelwyn, recognising the colossal impact the fall of Irin would have on many of those fighting them (though without any suicidal thoughts of destroying the tomb, which they understood is the anchor for reality) made countless attempts to reach the site by land, air and by other less mundane means – all of which failed.

Now the city remains alert for attacks, and a general sense of paranoid readiness hangs in the air. The defences remain in working order, though only 2,500 of the original warforged remain, the rest having joined the war in Vaesuur. Those remaining have begun to build a settlement of their own half a mile to the northeast of Irin, a fledgling town they call New Forge, but which the locals call “Clank Town”. “Clank” is also a derogative name used to refer to the Warforged by many locals – which seems to be starting to annoy the devoted living constructs.

Irin remains sacred to those that worship Merriel'Shaava, as well as to those who seek the wisdom of Erikanthros, Mad Magico or the Dreaming God (depending on how you want to see that mighty entity), and there is a strong trade in religious and arcane paraphernalia – all carefully overseen by the Unified Order of course). The Order have magnificent offices in the city, at the edge of the wide plaza that surrounds the lake within which rises the Tomb; a cathedral like structure called by many “The Court of Five Stars” or simply “The Court”. As with most non-merchant prince ruled cities at this point in history on Fey, the Order are the de facto rulers of the place, though they like to be seen to be only “advisers” to the hereditary councils that officially rule the city.

Surprisingly for a city so very central to the Order, there is a strong undercurrent of dislike for them and their machines. Many folk whisper that the defences are not to keep enemies out, but to keep them in, and there are a number of underground organisations that seek to train “unfettered” mages, or seek to find a way to weaken the Order's influence within the city. Of late, the Order's popularity has waned more, as many of the folks who would be planting crops and maintaining the farmsteads that were once famous in the region and which are essential to keeping the cities supply bins full and trade active, have been drafted into the forces sent to the southern hemisphere to fight the Vaesuurians, and although there are no signs of supplies reaching critical levels yet, it is on the cards. Worse, the abandoned or unmaintained farms are either falling into disrepair (and becoming home to bandits and worse) or are being bought for a fraction of their true value by various – often Order affiliated – individuals, and converted into private compounds, second homes or agricultural endeavours who's produce is exclusively destined for trade in the southern markets, or to the warmasters.

Recognising the dangerous drop in morale, the Unified Order are resurrecting a truly ancient tradition in the city – the Irin High Fayre – and a great festival shall begin from the 21/6 until the 21/9 within the city. Public opinion however seems to be that the resources destined for this spectacle could be better spent on helping people survive the coming years.

Another recent faux pas by the Order occurred when Arch Mage Gustav Pezzopar – a well recognised representative of the Order in Irin – suggested that the Custodis Aeterna (the powerful guards that watch over the Dreaming God and maintain / protect his tomb) should submit to Order doctrine and accept their direct assistance in the Tomb – a place that none are allowed to enter, including the Order's members. This was seen by most as arrogant at best, suicidal and insane at worst, and it is widely rumoured that one of the Custodis Aeterna manifested inside the Courts most heavily warded chamber, met the eyes of the potent magi sat there, spoke one word - “No” - before returning to its normal place. There are even more hushed whispers that the entity was none other than the ancient 2nd Age Hero Emerald Woodstaff, reborn in the form of a Custodis.


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