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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Post War Group - 7/4/2010 - The Barbarian, The Priest and the Swordmage (Part 3)

12:50 – 12:58 - The trio of adventurer's ride the lift back up to the corridor and throw themselves into battle with the Golems. Luckily for them, it becomes apparent after the first blow is landed these constructs, whilst impressive looking, are gaudy imitations – sub-standard constructs made from weak, chalky stone and animated by only minor spirits.

The party are able to destroy them with little effort, though they learn (painfully) that as each Golem is destroyed, they explode in a blast of razor edged shards, which stab deeply into their flesh causing horrible wounds. In truth though, the constructs prove rather ineffective against the group, and soon they are panting through the thick white dust of their destruction, amidst the collapsed rubble to which the Golems have been reduced.

12:58 – 13:00 – With the Golems destroyed, the only way forwards is a heavily reinforced door upon which blazes a powerful warding glyph. Grigori moves to examine it, with a view to carefully undoing the strands of lethal power woven into it, and opening the door safely. Alas, he does not reckon on the stone-brained thought processes of the Ulnyrr, and before he can stop him, Schnecke has strolled up to the door, and given it a thump!

For a split second everything becomes burning, blinding light and searing, blazing agony.

The Glyph explodes in a blast of radiant energy, burning all three adventurers and temporarily blinding them. Luckily, none are slain, though all are seriously hurt, and once they can see again, they find that the warded door has been blasted free of its hinges in the explosion, and that the way into the chamber beyond is open.

13:00 – 13:02 – The three enter Rubus' study, and find the horrific mess left from the dissolution of the Angel of Decay, as well as the portal that leads to the lust chambers of the Death Loved.

13:03 – After a brief discussion, and a few weary words of encouragement, the group move through the portal and into the chambers beyond.

13:03 – 13:13 – Slowly, carefully, they pick their way through the chambers, stopping to examine the various remains scattered about – the recently alive and recently unliving alike. As they move towards the stairs leading from the lower crypts, they hear distant conversation echoing along the decrepit corridors from some unknown space above. After a few moments, the group recognise the voices as those of their allies, and with weary joy, Grigori, Schnecke and Emmiven join their allies...

Continued in the third part of this sessions write up.

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