Capture the Flag

In the next game with the post war guys they are going to be entering the Irin arena, and in one round will be playing capture the flag. Now, I'm not sure how well these rules will play out, but we shall see! Anyway, in case you wanted to give them a go, here are my D&D 4e Capture the Flag rules...

* Each character has only bloodied hit points.

* When reduced to 0 hit points, they are teleported to the start point for their team on bloodied
  hit points

* Initiative is re-rolled when a character re spawns.

* Picking up a flag uses a Standard Action

* A character holding a flag cannot make any attacks

* An enemies flag cannot be placed in your zone if your flag is currently out of zone

* First Team to 5 Captures wins.

* Various recharge points are scattered through the arena. A character that passes through
  one of these automatically regains the use of an expended power of the type bestowed by
  the point.

*To determine what kind of power they recharge for a character who passes through that
 square roll 1d6; 1-2 Encounter, 3-4 Daily, 5-6 No recharge - Power Up / Curse. This is rolled as they move through the square.

* Power Ups / Curses: These last until used and affect the next attack made. If they do not
  influence attack powers, they last until the end of the users next turn. They are activated as
  soon as they are collected. Only one power up or curse may be active at any one time. The
  squares power is determined when it is picked up.


1) Speed Boost: +2 squares speed

2) Healing Boost: User gains hit points equal to their Surge Value

3) Empowered Weaponry: Next attack inflicts double damage

4) Empowered Guidance: Next attack gains a +10 power bonus to hit

5) Enhanced Threat – Next attack scores a critical hit on a 17, 18, 19 or 20 if it hits

6) Invulnerability – Target is immune to all damage and effects

7) Hex of Sloth – Target is Slowed and Dazed

8) Hex of Misfortune – Target suffers a -10 penalty to their next attack rolls

9) Hex of Vulnerability – Target suffers a -10 penalty to all defences, and has vulnerability 10 to
    all attacks

10) Hex of Wounding – Target suffers damage equal to their surge value.

11) Hex of Failure – If target is holding the flag, it is automatically returned to the enemies base

12) Armoured Blessing – Target gains a +10 bonus to all defences.


  1. GODLIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks awesome dude!!
    How did they go with it?

  3. The next report pretty much sums it up. We made a few mods (see above) but on the whole it went really well. A couple of players struggled with the concept a bit, though I hope this won't be such a problem next time :) All in all, really cool!


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