Capture the Flag Report

So, no session report this week because in truth there is little to report. The whole session was taken up by the Capture the Flag round of the arena qualification trials, and in that time the flag was only captured once (you will have to wait for the report to find out who got it though).

However, I would like to talk about some of changes we made to the base rules I threw out last week, and of course, about how the players took it.

Okay, firstly, the crunchy bits.

Bloodied: As the base rules state, you have half hit points whilst in CTF. “Bloodied” whilst in CTF means you are on your surge value hit points or less (i.e. half your bloodied value). Effects that are triggered, or end whilst you are bloodied, trigger at that point.

Power Ups:– Scott suggested an addition to the roll made when a character crosses a recharge point. We tried it. It ruled. So, now you roll a d8 with the following results;

1-2 Encounter power, 3-4 Daily Power, 5-6 Power Up / Curse, 7-8 +1 Action Point

Death: When you die you do not get to act until your (new) initiative on the NEXT round of combat.

Respawning: When you respawn you regain the use of one expended power (encounter or daily) and any ongoing effects, bonuses or penalties are removed.

Telefragging: If you are occupying a re-spawn point when another player is re-spawned there, you are instantly killed (and re-spawn as usual).

Overall my players seemed to enjoy the whole thing, Some seemed to take a while to get into it, and I am still not sure some quite understood that death was not the big deal it is in “real” combat. It was very interesting to see the use of tactics and the great thought that went into where characters went, what actions they expended and how they complemented each other to try and get to the flag.

I also learned a few lessons about where to place re-spawn points (not near the flag and on routes more heavily travelled), and got a few ideas on making the arenas more dynamic. I also learned that it can take nearly 4 hours for the flag to be captured once, so five captures is a bit...ambitious!

Will I do it again? Hell yeah, though the arena will be very different next time!