Running D&D For Kids

My 7-year-old nephew is taking his first steps into playing D&D this weekend, and I am the GM. I actually bought him several Fighting Fantasy books for Christmas, which he adored, so he has some idea what it's all about. Also, his father plays Varracuda.

So, I have had to put together a U-certificate game for him - apparently blood cults and necrophiliac prophets are a no go for kids - which has proved pretty difficult. However, I have come up with a good starter dungeon, which introduces core rules one challenge at a time, and then a short but (hopefully) fun adventure which focuses on the "Blue Face" Gorgryn (a bunch of gobbos who keep giant wasps as pets and steeds), and stopping their annual raids on the town of Rivermead.

When it's over, I shall let you know how it goes, and will also post up the adventures.

Wish me luck though - I am scared to death of swearing half way through it all!


  1. Good luck, I bet it's going to be one hell of a shift from the norm!


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