A Bit of World Lore For You - How Convulos'Soth'Kulzaad Became The Prince of Poison

During the Primal Wars, Convulos (called also Soth'Kulzaad, Nythanox, Thrynath, Toxicus and many other names) was a soldier God, who fought at the front lines of every engagement with the Elder Gods and their allies. He was known for his cunning, his skill with magic and also his willingness to use any and every advantage.

He quickly fell from the favour of deities such as Solum'Tassadexes and Cellinthar'Valladir, who thought him a coward, and was reviled by the likes of Namaea who is also Isaala, for he was without compassion or mercy for his foes. However, paradoxically, one beautiful young Goddess thought him handsome, brave and clever – the Lady of Life, Oerdaine (who is also called Maelandra, Lau'Pei, Issranthia, Raithia, Alaria, Vaelnarda and many other names).

Oerdaine had also caught the eye of the young soldier God, and with the wars brought to the end, and the universes slowly crystallising into relatively more stable states, Convulos sought her out and made her his love.

Sick of the annihilation of the Primal Wars, Covulos and Oerdaine tended to the forming races of the nascent universes, and helped them to be strong and healthy. They opposed the likes of Sarrax, who sought to taint them with his own forms of life, Darkold (who is Sebbathor, Xantrox, Kazamoto, Uzzruel and who is known by many other names also) who wished to dominate them and steal all free will, and many other dark powers. Together they created marvellous elixirs that could cure any and all afflictions, that could grant long life and vitality, and that could protect their users from all forms of harm. New species were born by their will, that held the components for these medicines, so that the mortals could learn to use them for themselves, and for long and long they were happy in their love, and beloved by their chosen.

After much time, when the world we know was first taking on its present form, Convulos put it to his beloved that they should retire from the knowledge of the mortal races, and shift to a more remote continuum, where they could be alone and love for all eternity. He was earnest, and full of love, and was sure that the Goddess would agree...

...But alas, she did not, for she had grown to care for her children strongly, and could not bear to be apart from them, afraid that without her they would perish – especially as the mortals were now being used by many other deities for their own ends.

Convulos was stunned. His heart broke, and at once, all the love and the hope within him turned to poison. He hated as only a God could hate, and attacked the Goddess Oerdaine in a fury. She drove him off, for by this time she was as powerful as he, and Convulos was forced to retreat.

Desperate to hurt his former love as much as he could, he spoke the words of creation and twisted them, so that every elixir, component and living thing in which he had played a part in forming was corrupted by his spite and hate; their healing power turning to death, their hearts echoing the venom of the Gods wretched soul.

And so the first poisons entered the world, and the enmity between the Prince of Poisons, and the Healer Goddess was born. Very soon mortals who also hated, or who sought power came to worship Convulos, and he grew in dark power, and became the reclusive, venomous deity we know to this day.