Epic Christmas Cheer - Santanas Claws (Level 35 Solo Controller)

"You'd better watch out,
You'd better not cry,
He senses your fear, 
And then makes you die,
Satanas Claws is eating your town!"

For some reason the note got wiped. However, I can tell you that it says...

"Should you face this catastrophic being of pure malevolence and xmas cheer, you can only draw one conclusion - you didn't get your DM a nice present and / or forgot to wish them a happy christmas. You may have also defriended them recently from a popular social networking site and earned their insane wrath. Banished from many a table by the Gods of "come the f*ck on", this fell being may yet be out there, in the cosmic void, searching for universes to devour, civilizations to destroy and presents to give..."

Happy Christmas!