Firearms and other Equipment

Anyone that has read more than a couple of entries will have noticed that my games include firearms of various types, as well as a few non-standard weapons. As they have been pretty well play tested now, and have not proved to be imbalanced in any way, I thought I would share a few of the more common ones with you. I will get round to detailing the Dundorin Shotgun and Upper Malgorothian "Duet" Shotgun at some point too, as well as some more exotic forms of ammunition. 

Also included are the stats for the dreaded Gorgoth War Cleaver - my shameless copy of the Warhammer world's Orc's Choppa'. Each card can be clicked on to get a full sized version, which you can download and print off for use in your own games should you wish. All the cards were made using the Magic Set Editor, and Ander's D&D Template

Anyway, I hope you like them. Enjoy!