Angry Emails...

I emailed Wizards of the Coast today, and thought I would share what I said. I am currently rather despondant about the direction they are going with pretty much everything, and with this week's announcement that there will no longer be compiled issues of Dragon and Dungeon (i.e they will no longer exist as even online magazines) and the cancelling of several books that were likely to rock this year (only three products currently slated for release this year), I can no longer find any confidence within me with regards to their business plan...or sanity.

Anyway, here it is, as sent to them...

"I have no idea who else to voice my concerns to regarding the apparent desire by WoTC / Hasbro to drive customers away. 

Over the last year and a half I have seen the value of my DDI subscription falling, and over the last 6 months, have been considering turning off my auto renew. I don't want to do that, but after the utter travesty of the character builder / monster builders' move to online only format (and doing less than they used to in ten times the time), the cancelling of several books I was looking forwards to, the announcement that Dragon and Dungeon are no longer going to be put into issues and the introduction of such appalling products as "fortune cards", I am simply finding it hard to have any confidence in your companies dedication to furthering D&D as a brand, or trying to retain customers. 

I have played D&D since the original Red Box, and have loved every edition. I am fanatical about 4E and have seen it rejuvenate jaded and ex- players, and have found it perfect for weaving the epic, high-fantasy style games I prefer. However, just when things should be running along smoothly, everything is being messed up, and worse of all, there seems to be some misguided belief that the introduction of the Virtual Table Top is going to quieten everyone. 

It isn't. I won't be using that as I have no need for it. It might as well not exists as far as I am concerned. 

I now don't use the character builder (gone back to pen and paper), the monster builder (use a third party free application and do the maths myself), and I doubt i will be downloading individual articles as they are less convenient than using the compendium. So, what exactly am I paying for? Are you all that desperate to loose my custom? 

I hope that someone gets to see this as I am truly upset that my hobby is apparently in decline, and WoTC / Hasbro are too stupid to realise how many people they are alienating with their current way of thinking / approach. I frankly do not believe it when we are told good things are coming. I now sincerely believe that D&D is being left to die a horrible, collectable card game infused, corporate driven death. I'm going to see what happens over the next few months, then decide if I want to continue to pay into something that to be honest is becoming a worse and worse deal with each passing month. I hope I don't press that button, and that things get back to being awesome. Alas, at present I have zero confidence they will. 

Thanks for listening. 

Sefton Redshaw."

On the better side of things, my conditions tokens arrived today and they are bloody brilliant. Craig bought me some counters and bloodied tokens for Christmas, and on visiting the site, I ordered the condition ones. Really useful, and very hard wearing. Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro may be doing everything they can to kill the game, but here at least, the games will go on...and on.....and on.........and on.....etc

Edit:: Just ordered  THESE as the four I have now have been invaluable!