Let's Hope This Isn't A Sign Of Things To Come...

It's not too often I make a non campaign related post here, but a bit of sick actually came out of me...not from the normal end...when I saw that Wizards of the Coast are going to be selling Fortune Cards from next month.

Is it me, or is this a horrible idea?

Whilst it is feasible that maybe they could add something to a game, in truth, I don't think I would want to play in a campaign that allowed such randomness, and as a GM, I would find them an additional unwelcome layer of "power" to take into account when trying to craft appropriately balanced battles (be they intended as easy, moderate or "holy crap"). However, this is not my main moan. In truth, it's the fact that these are so unneeded, and are such a blatant grab for your cash is the thing that rankles.

Yes, I understand that Wizards are a company that exist to make a profit, and yes I understand that they are pretty much Hasbro's bitches now, but come on! Can't they simply put more effort into making DDI something more people would pay for, or, even better, produce more excellent books that are going to sell by the cartload. Anything but these horrible, horrible things.

I dunno', maybe it's me being a grumpy old grognard, but I certainly won't be buying them or allowing them at my table. I love CCG's and I love the Alpha Mutation and Omega Tech cards in Gamma World, but this is an unwanted and unwelcome invasion into my D&D.

So, let me know what you think.