(Spore) Blast From The Past - The Mu Spore

I purchased the two Pathfinder bestiaries yesterday, because, well, although I have a stats for almost all the monsters in them a million times already over a number of editions of the game, there were a few new ones in there, and hell, I love monster books! However, whilst browsing through its virtual pages I came across a rather splendid beastie that first appeared in the 3.0 Epic Level Handbook - The Mu Spore - a massive fungoid monster that could really ruin your lawn if it started growing up through it.

Inspired by its fabulous art, I decided to convert it to 4th Edition, making it a starting epic level critter - though as a solo brute, one capable of dealing enough damage to swat aside all but the most skilled and / or prepared bands of heroes.

Click for bigger.