Some Pic-a-tures...

Last night's game (With Ormid et al) was an awesome affair - a continuation of the battle from the week before, and the initiation of a massive combat that is...well....significantly higher level than the party. As the battle is not yet finished (we had to stop at the start of round 8 as it was getting late), I won't be posting an entry yet. However, to tide you over, here are some photos of the battlefield as it was left, and of the boys (my other half was unable to play Shadevia last night, so Mr B took over the duties). 

Click for enlarge effect

The battlefield as the game ended. The Green area is Shadevia's Swarming Bats type power thing, and the large red things are Hammerer Automatons. The little fellow behind #2 is Nurgid Clayflesh; a Half Trull, whilst at the top we have two Tormentor Ghouls, and a priestess of the Goddess of Torture.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, those automatons are making their own path towards the party...

We have started to use the Chessex battle mats, and have found them to be absolutely excellent! The couners at the bottom are from Litko, and are used to track conditions. We also have some Bloodied tokens and some generic numbered ones for monsters. The Hammerer's are represented by milk bottle tops, which are perfect for the job (I have an extensive collection of bottle tops which get used as monster counters). 

Dave and Craig laugh as Tez regards another failed roll. Llewellyn gets some pretty short shrift in this battle, and you know you are in trouble when the minions start to make sport out of you!