The Unexpected...

Last night's game was, in my opinion, awesome. Not because I am an awesome GM you understand (though if players wish to donate to my "Sefton is an AWESOME GM" fund all I need is their bank details, account number and sort codes), but because one of the players (Andy - of course) did something I was entirely and utterly unprepared for.

I won't tell you what he does - the writeup will be here before too long - but it meant that everything I had prepared immediately went out of the window, and I had to improvise, utterly, with zero prepared stuff to aid me.

A nightmare scenario?

Not at all!

I love it when this sort of thing happens, because it forces me to undertake what I kinda' feel to be the purest form of GMing - on the fly, no idea what is gonna' come out my brain but it better be amazing, adventure crafting in real time with six (five actually, Scott couldn't make it) players sat there, waiting to be impressed.

I think I pulled it off too - and as a result, I get to design an entire new mythology and to expand a little the larger multiverse in which our games take place.

Love it!

But seriously guys - a little warning in future would be lovely ;p


  1. It was epic!

    It's the first time I've told Kay to read the blog; saying everything you read in the next 3 posts was made up on the spur of the moment. I think it encapsulates your talent as a GM and why I love roleplaying!


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