Something for the Weekend - The Arcanarch (Level 12 Lurker)

I love weird monsters that do strange things, and so am hoping to use one of these in one of my games sooner rather than later. I got the idea for this whilst pooping, which disturbingly is where I get a lot of my brains may well be in my bowels. Anyway, behold a beast that may need a bit more housekeeping to run than some, but which could seriously vex your players; the Arcanarch or Faeya'Nyth

Edit:: The Awesome Software I use to make these stat blocks doesn't add the 1/2 level modifier to the stat mods, so don't forget to add +6 to all the bonuses listed in parenthesis after the stats!::

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A bit of information from you, pulled from the tomes of one Ormid Thefler - adventurer, dracani slayer and time traveller..

"The Faeya'Nyth or Arcanarch's are little more than sentient channels of arcane power; living conduits of energy used by the war fae to steal the enchantments of their enemies weapons for their own use. Alas, many are too chaotic for even the fae to control, and on more than one occasion we have found ourselves hunting for a rogue 'Nyth, pushed on by the barbed whips of our masters. A typical 'Nyth is a swirling fractal of chaotic fae energies, that appear as a roiling mass of faceted reflections and gleaming motes of flashing colours. They do not speak as far as I know, and my only real interactions with them have been whilst on the hunt for them. I also have the strangest feeling that my life here is but a dream and that I shouldn't be here, though that of course is plain stupid; a soldier slave for the war fae I have always been, and a soldier slave for the war fae shall I remain until my bones are added to the throne of our Lord..."