Ipokken Returns - Session 1

NOTE - Much as I would love the time to do a fully detailed, story type write up for Ipokken, like I do for the two main current campaigns, I'm afraid I don't. So, I intend to keep up the "note book" style of recording what has happend, like I did before.

I hope this won't disuade you from reading it, as this is a great ongoing story (and I had awesome fun continuing the tales Craig and I began to tell back with 3.0 D&D, all those years ago), and I think you will find plenty to enjoy.

*   *   *

10:40 – Ipokken heads back into tombs. Bodies of mercenaries have been either eaten or dragged away. 
11:00 – Reaches stairs to lower levels. Is greeted by Overghast minions; mostly brute types, but also one of the acid spitters. Brief but brutal battle. Ipokken is seriously wounded by them, though much of the harm comes from the cursed amulet.

11:08 – Having rested, and scraped most of the necrotic acid from him, the monk decides that he must try and get the amulet removed, as it is making him far too fragile. Is torn about where to go. Fears that if he goes to Irin, Moiety will emerge and a catastrophe will ensue. Frustrated as he realises that best chance of getting the amulet removed will be in the city.

11:20 – Having rested and thought a little more. Returns to surface and feels rhythmic thumps coming from south. Can also hear deep crunching booms from same direction. Decides to investigate.

11:40 – Encounters warforged goliath, packed with troops, headed for the weaker southern flank. Can see at least two more heading in the same direction in the distance.

11:45 – Runs ahead of the massive construct and tries to grab their attention by waving his everburning torch. When this fails, he calls upon his Ki and launches himself 50' into the air, and onto the massive constructs shoulders. As he flies, he is seen by the amazed troops within the goliath's chest chamber. Sits in lotus position, awaiting arrival of crew,

11:47 – Four soldiers and a mage (Captain Avari), arrive from a door set into the massive warforged's neck. They challenge Ipokken, and when he is unwilling to allow them to put shackles on him (they suspect he is an aelwyn infiltrator or similar dangerous individual and want to get him to the relative security of the mustering point far to the southwest), and fails miserably to calm their fears, they move to attack him.

11:48 – Ipokken drops from the construct's shoulder, and manages to land with only minimal wounds (though these are amplified by the cursed amulet) back in the forest. As the goliath strides onwards, he can see the tiny silhouettes of the guards, lying flat high above, as they scan the forest below for any sign of him.

11:49 – Cursing the “stupidity” of the guards (and not really appreciating the viciousness of the aelwyn wars and the cunning they have demonstrated), he reluctantly decides that he must head north and seek help in Irin – planning to come out before Moiety has a chance to emerge.

16:20 – Arrives at southernmost defences surrounding Irin (there is a wide semi-circle of deep trenches and fortified positions all around the cities southern and southwestern sides – a guard against the ever nearing war front.

16:25 – Is spotted by warforged manning the defences, and a bridge dropped over the spiked pits.

16:28 – Ipokken is met by five warforged; four standard troops, and a hulking one based on the the Veteran template – an ugly brute with black enamelled armour, bearing an admanatine great axe.

16:35 – Ipokken gives the (now out of date) password he and Andras were given by the patrol six days before. This actually raises the concerns of the 'forged, as they feel he may be an aelwyn infiltrator given out of date information. A mage is summoned.

16:40 – Ipokken is getting angry at the constant mistrust, and only just manages to remain cordial when a young man dressed in the robes of a Unified Order mage arrives and politely informs him that he will be taken to a secure place. Ipokken makes him aware that he is an associate of two mages currently serving with the Unified Order, and tells them of Andras and Mendle. The mage agrees to try and locate them.

16:50 – Ipokken is placed within a warded tent, and told not to try and leave. Sees potent runes sewn into the flap, and feels a magical tension immediately gather when the circle of the closed tent is complete. Angrily, he waits.

18:10 – Andras and the mage arrive. Andras asks Ipokken why he didn't use the friends bracer to contact him and arrange to be met. The monk is unable to explain.

18:11 – Andras and Ipokken move to enter the city. The monk expresses his fears about being around so many people, when he is unable to say whether or not Moiety will re-emerge. He explains to Andras that the amulet is cursed, and shows the mage the horrible thing. Andras flinches, and lets the monk know that he has been forced to tell a High Priest of Merriel'Shaava of him, and the burden he carries. “If anyone can help you get rid of the amulet he can.”

18:12 – The pair decide to seek out Velluriel Salanatha. Andras tells the monk that his research has pointed to three possible places where a device for restraining Moiety may be located; Laertraine, Draxia or possibly a dwaer'syth city such as Mrith'Arnth. He also explains that Velluriel is helping him, and that he has told the High Priest all about him and his problem.

20:00 – The pair arrive outside the Unified Order tower in the Plaza District; a huge edifice surrounded by spired temples to the Lady of Mysteries. After some negotiation with the clerics on guard, are allowed in.

20:10 – Ipokken spends a little time taking in the sights of the temple (pentangular altar suspended in column of raw energy. Illusory icon of the goddess above it, shifting between a female human form and a cloud of chaotic runes and raw, elemental power. Seats suspended by magic- entire place is in a pocket dimension. As always in Merriel'Shaavite temples, no singing, but a constant drone of chanting).

20:12 – Velluriel arrives. Works a divination of the Talon, and cries out in pain (drawing concerned silence from nearby clerics) as jagged crimson sigils blaze suddenly across the limb, and a wave of psychic hatred lashes out at him. Ippoken is also badly hurt by this, and is outlined in a bright red light – a warning to all and sundry of a daemonic presence within the temple.

20:15 – Velluriel is shaken by his experience with the talon, and after getting permission from the monk opens a portal to a physically and metaphysically secure chamber, deep with in the stronghold temple (single bed, icon in an alcove. Binding runes set into cornice of ceiling).

20:16 – Velluriel states that he had no idea how serious the issue with the limb was, and confesses that he suspected Andras was exaggerating. He then states that it is vital that the foul thing is neutralised, and that the resurrection of Adathraine prevented. To this end, he asks Ipokken if he will stay in the chamber until he can find some kind of solution. The monk agrees.

20:22 – Velluriel agrees to remove the cursed amulet, and will take any residuum that is created as payment.

20:24 – Begins the ritual to remove the amulet. Ipokken soon passes out from the agony of the magics tearing through him.

21:24 – Ritual is completed. Amulet is removed without any harm being done to the monk. Ipokken remains unconscious. Nightmares as Moiety struggles to break free.

8/10/1467 Thick freezing fog – Very heavy frost that remains all day.

03:24 – Moiety has taken control of the monk and wakens in the darkness of the chamber. Andras slumbers by the bed, and the dark spirit immediately plans to end him. However, the runes in the chamber immediately blaze into furious life, and scarlet light and warning glyphs burst into existence around his body. Magic thunders from the glyphs, paralysing the monk and the dark presence within him.

03:35 – Andras is clearly terrified. Velluriel arrives and tells Moiety that his time in this plane is drawing to a close, before uttering a powerful word of magic and knocking him out. The High Priest is shocked to notice that the ancient, incredibly powerful restraining runes within the chamber are smoking with the effort of holding Moiety in check. He questions whether it would be wise to simply kill the monk now and banish the limb from the world. Andras refuses to allow this.

Ipokken remains unconscious for the rest of this day.

9/10/1467 Thick freezing fog until late afternoon when it clears. Bitterly cold night. Crushing frost by dusk.

14:20 – Ipokken awakes to find Mendle is in the room. They swap small talk, but the conversation dies when Ipokken and the ghaerduun disagree on the need to take the battle to the aelwyn (Ipokken states he would never be the aggressor, despite all that they have done).

15:30 – Mendle leaves.

18:40 – Andras arrives and informs Ipokken that Velluriel is working to try and find some
way to permanently contain Moiety. The monk wonders if he would be allowed to sleep in this chamber, so that if the dark presence emerges, it can be immediately contained (he notices that the walls now bear additional warding sigils, clearly added after the ancient ones struggled to hold Moiety before).
18:43 – Andras finishes explaining that he is concerned that Moiety will seek his end now that his true loyalties are clear. Ipokken tells him that he wants to do some good for the refugees of the war.

10/10/1467 – Sunny, but temperature remains below freezing. Bitterly cold by nightfall.

09:00 – Andras informs Ipokken that he has been told he can assist the monk in his quest instead of him being sent to the war front. Tells the monk that the only real missions that he could do for the refugees will involve helping to escort about 200 of them through the “buffer zone” (i.e. active war zone) between the western most secure cities and the occupied zone. Ipokken is worried that being so far away from the city (the journey would be over 100 mile), would mean that Moiety may emerge – to the detriment of anyone unlucky enough to be near him.

12:40 – Andras informs the monk that a bracer capable of binding moiety (though this would also bind all the magics in the Talon) may exist somewhere in the Throndas'Gothica mountains. Ipokken states that he wishes, despite the risks, to help escort the refugees. Then he will journey with Andras to seek the binding bracer.


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