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Monday, 11 July 2011

Something Horrible...

I am really looking forwards to running games in the epic tier, despite the ubiquitous opinion that it is as broken in 4e as it was in 3.5. I must admit, even in the earlier game systems I never really struggled to challenge my players - after all, the universes that border on their home ground are pretty wild and lethal places, home to some equally wild and nightmarish beings and societies. 

With this in mind, I have done the stats for the Overseer - an AD&D 2nd edition beastie, which was reborn in the 3.5 book Lords of Madness, and which I have statted up for fun and possible TPK's later in the current campaigns. It is designed to take on and hurt badly a band of 7 epic characters, and as such deals scary damage, is higly resilient and yep, I feel, may have what it takes to beat the living snot out of even epic 4th edition character. 

Alas, the monster has so many powers that I had to capture it in two parts. Clicking on them will make them visible to creatures without magical powers...

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