The Three Levels of Mishazael - Solo, Elite and Standard Level 19 Soldier

So, if Zaruel had been bloodied before 10 rounds has passed, Mishazael, the Angel fo Treachery, would have emerged in a much more potent form. 

Between 1 - 5 rounds of weakening only, and the solo version would have got free (and a TPK would have almost certainly ensued). Between 6 - 9 rounds and the Elite version would have wreaked his silvery doom. 

Fortunately, they managed (despite about 60 of my powered up minions, Amued Zor and a few non-minion Chained Syndicate) to keep Zaruel's hit points topped up, and it was the standard version they met  - still tough, though not so bad once he got critted a couple of times by Veteran and the vorpal enchantments placed by Ormid on his blade.

Anyway, here are the three levels of Mishazael 

Level 19 Solo Soldier

Level 19 Elite Soldier

Level 19 Soldier

I will get Amued's stats up here soon too!