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Monday, 8 August 2011

Emails to and from Players

I do smile sometimes at the kinds of text messages and emails that I end up sending in reponse to player enquiries. This is a mail I sent today to describe the motivations of the worshippers of Azrael, the Weeping Angel (and one of the few powers in my games to have a 'real' name - or at least a name from a real mythology)...

"Yeah, Azrael (more commonly called The Weeping Angel or Final Shepherd) is the guardian of the boundary between life and death. To them, the undead are a bug in the system that must always be rectified. They also don't like people who have been resurrected, or that create cloned bodies of themselves to slip into when their current one is destroyed. An anomaly like the Weeping Gate would be like honey to a wasp - an open wound in the veil between life and death, so they will have flocked here when word came to them through the Angels minor and major (the footsoldiers who reap mortal souls into their respective hereafters).

The weeping angel is usually depicted as a tall human skeleton, wreathed in flowing black cowled robes. Huge wings of black feathers grow from its shoulders, and it carries a great scythe and hourglass - in other words, he's the grim reaper (only real in this world)."

Don't know why I felt like sharing this, but I do wonder how many other GM's have in boxes full of strange questions and equally odd answers.

(Next post war game is tonight - I promise to try and get a report up as soon as possible, work allowing. One thing I can promise you - things are about to get very nasty for all concerned). 

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