Fungoid Horrors

In a couple of hours Emmiven and Seren get their first "post treachery" game. It will involve a return to Irin which has, in the Sundering, become ground zero for a battle between its native inhabitants, and a vast array of highly infectious otherworldly fungi. At the risk of being a little spoilerific, I thought I would share two of the monsters they may face tonight - the result of the stygian spores infecting two of the more common constructs built by the Unified Order during the Aelwyn Wars. 

I hope you like 'em!


A corroded thing of rusting metals and weeping tissues, this creature was clearly one of the millions of living constructs forged by the Order to fight the Aelwyn, and defend the home hearths during the push south that followed. Now however, it bears signs of advanced decay. Oily fluids drip from its organic parts, and glowing strands of fungal mycelium cover it in a damp, fleshy web. Its eye lenses are tarnished by spores, and when it tries to emit a battle cry, the sound that emerges is a wet, sobbing gasp. 


Spotted with patches of creeping corrosion, this dripping horror still has a vaguely canine shape. Much of its steely exterior has sloughed away, revealing the rusting bands of its ribs, and between them, dripping masses of glowing tissue and fungus fruiting bodies. It stinks like a slaughterhouse, and you can clearly hear the hiss of the thick drool that hangs in quivering ropes from its rotting, bent fangs.

(As always, the stat mods do not include 1/2 level. Stat blocks made using DnD4eCM.)