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Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Death of Podcasts and something Horrible

Firstly, I just wanted to tell you all that I have cancelled my podcast account and deleted all the links to it. There are several reasons for this, but the main two are that it was taking a lot of my increasingly precious time to get posted, and Podbean were just awful (getting a file to upload took multiple attempts, and it often misreported the type and size). 

In truth, so few people were actually listening to it, that I just decided to save myself the £8 a month and use it to buy Magic cards or something fun!

Now I know that this move will leave a lot of dead links, so to make up for that (especially those that may have clicked in from the glorious RPG Blog Alliance, here are a pair of vicious bastards that Ormid and the gang recently faced (the report should be up here later today, tomorrow at the latest - honest). Enjoy!

(Stat blocks created with DnD4eCM. Statistic mods do not include half monster's level modifier, though skill blocks do)


"All of the group have heard stories of that ancient Upper Magorothian order of battle mages; infamous for their destructive spells, hulking size, use of heavy armour (complete with spiked gauntlets and leering, daemonic masks of iron), and preference for gaudy, colourful robes. They are rumoured to reside within an iron fortress within the desolate area of that distant and cold land known in the Second Age as the Great Northern Devastation – the Black Steel Edifice of Drazu'Morbeth – and are overseen by an ancient Lich known as the “Lich Invoker” - one Fernando Hernandez." 


(Click for Readable)

The Havok is a close combat specialist who wields paired axes forged from elemental energy. Able take terrific amounts of punishment and to dole it out, they spearhead attacks on formations and fortified positons, allowing the more specialist units access to those they must destroy. 


(Click to see without bleeding from the eyes)

Initiates are just that; men who have made the grade to enter the auspicious ranks of the Heldazzlers, but who have not yet developed any specialist skills. The main bulk of the Helldazzler's forces are filled with men like this; able and potent spell casters who can summon a tempest of devastating magics with a word.

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