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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Eye of the Deep - Level 19 Controller

I was a bit gutted that this classic horror was never converted to 4e, and simply took it upon myself to do the job! As always, the modifiers for the statistics do not include the +9 bonus that comes from adding half the monsters level (so its strength mod is actually +13 not +4). 

Stat block made using THIS!

(Click for Bigness)


  1. Awesome! I've long believed that the eye of the deep is the coolest of the many beholder variants (and the first). I really dig the drowning ray power - suitably deadly for a near epic tier monster (and makes an environment characters at that level might not even think twice about scary again).
    I made a 4e version of the eye of the deep that you might be interested in here:
    It's only a level 8 solo, so it might be too weak for you to get any use out of, but the article starts with some notes about the development of the monster across the editions that might be of interest.

  2. Glad you liked it! Really like yours too - a perfect conversion of the original AD&D brute. Especially liked your take on the old illusory combined eye power :D


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