Magmin Attack!

My 8-year old nephew gets his game today, and the Sundering is about to hit his neck of the woods. I'm planning on having the town they just rescued whisked away into a volcanic region of the underdark, and setting him and his dad (who plays Varracuda in the other games) to rescuing villagers from burning buildings and fighting off the deadly pranks and hijinks of packs of Magmin (called Magmen pre-3rd edition). 

For those of you not familliar with these little blighters, they are 2' tall fiery humanoids composed of lava like energy. They are hyperactive and overly fond of their native element, and lack the brains to understand that many other creatures not only do not share this joy, and are harmed by being exposed to fire!

These are my 4e conversions. Enjoy!


Pot bellied and grinning from ear to pointy ear, these shrieking, dancing humanoids simply run up to anything that catches their attention, and try to melt it with their fiery claws. Not understanding the harm this can cause, they become enraged when attacked - though if they suffer cold damage, they may well flee.

Some Magmin have some insight into the nature of elemental fire, and can control it. Unfortunately, they are possessed of the same maniacal glee as their other kin, and simply use this understanding to spread deadly conflagrations.


Screaming with daemonic glee, these  wretched little horrors like to send balls of fire sailing towards combustible things. They find it particularly amusing when the target of their attacks run around, further spreading the glorious flames and making pretty, burny patterns in the air with their waving and flailing. 

These monsters are based on monsters originally seen in AD&D, AD&D 2nd Edition and D&D 3.0 / 3.5. 

Stat blocks do not include the +1 bonus for half the creature's level, and were generated with this awesome software - DnD4eCM