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Monday, 12 September 2011

Virian (49 N.C.) - City of Turmoil

This is a piece I wrote as some background to the next mission Ormid and the gang will be doing, and I thought I would share it with you all.

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Virian was supposed to be a phoenix rising from the ashes of the Belief Wars, and the fall of the High Theocracy. Built from the stones of ancient Crowns Port, Virian will one day become a centre of a great Meritocracy, home to the Parliament of Artisans. However, at this time, it is home to terrible political upheaval.

The High Theocracy were finally overthrown in the year 27 N.C. to huge joy and celebration. By this time, the ancient Basillica was burned to the ground, and the city – already ravaged when the landmass shifted during the Age of Loss – was all but destroyed, much of it plunging into the seas. Destitute and alone in the world, the city needed support, and indeed, it seemed to find it. Several of the most powerful noble houses in the region asked for permission from the people to establish a Conseil Guardian, a group that would invest money into the peoples and places of the Western Isles, and bring around a new golden age of prosperity. They would also help to elect a new government, and when they were ready, hand over power to them. For the first time since the mid 2nd Age, the people of this land would have a government they voted for!

For a time this worked.

The people were given loans to re-establish their businesses and endeavours, and the city of Virian (meaning “Risen”) was founded, its main structures using the salvaged dusky pink stones of Crowns Port. Trade began anew, and mercenaries were hired to clear the horrors from the surrounding lands that had crept forth during the age of loss. However, by 35 N.C. it was clear that the Conseil Gardien were no longer interested in handing over power to any new governing body, and were more interested in charging extortionate charges to those who had borrowed money from them, and to ensuring that every business' trade directly added to their own power and fortunes – often to the eventual detriment of the owner. People who could no longer afford the rates on their loans from the Conseil had their assets seized, and slowly, the “Guardian Council” eroded the will and hard won fortunes of the Isles peoples.

Then, in the spring of 49 N.C. the people finally had enough. Rebellion began – bloody and savage. The Conseil responded with their massed army of mercenaries and war machines, and so the Great Revolution (Revolution Grande), began.

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