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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Jiki-Ketsu Gaki and Bakemono

Hoping to get the last session write up done in the next couple of days. In the mean time, here are two of my conversions of earlier edition Oriental Adventures monsters, which I used in the Shnecke's Wolves game - the ghoul-like Jiki-Ketsu Gaki and the ubiquitous Bakemono. 

(As always, add 1/2 the monsters level to get the correct modifier for the statistics in the bottom section; i.e the Bakemono's Strength mod is actually +7 not +2). 


A soliatry Bakemono is a deadly foe to the average Kai'Yassanian, though no real risk to a hardened adventurer. A pack of Bakemono however, is a whirlwind of shredding claws and chomping, merciless teeth, quite capable of bringing the unprepared or the unlucky hero to a horrific, bloody end. 


This wretched being rises when a priest of a goodly God falls into dark ways and dies, or when their grave is desecrated. Dressed in its stained and tattered vestments, it is a gaunt, ghoulish beings with large glowing eyes and a wide mouth. Physically weak, it will try to use guile, stealth and lesser beings to enable it to target an individual with little fear of massed reprisals. Often, when directly challenged, they flee, to plot their revenge.

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