Carnox - Level 12 Skirmisher

Found this fellow - a giant fey cat used by the aelwyn as mounts and war beasts - lurking in my monster vaults, and thought I would share. Don't forget to add +6 to all the modifiers listed after the stats to get the correct overall bonus!

CARNOX (Aelwyn War Cat)

A Carnox is a sleek grey-blue furred felid native to certain fey dimensions. It is favoured for its deadly bite, great speed, intelligence, and ability to bear a rider into battle. Various strains of Carnox  have been bred by the aelwyn, including the "Red Roar" and "Green Shadow" variants, and there are rumours of even more manipulated strains with breath weapons and teleportive powers. 

An adult Carnox stands about the same size as a warhorse, and weighs about 1 ton.


  1. Hi, great monster! Why should we add 6 to the modifiers for the correct bonus?

  2. The software I use to make the monster readout doesn't add the half level modifier that needs to be included (to avoid violating copyrite I think). As it's a 12th level monster, it's a +6 modifier :D


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