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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Yirlantir's Ghost - Level 20 Controller

Firstly, a game report is on its way! Finally got a game last week, and just not had the time to get the write up done. 

Secondly, I tend to plan my adventures in a fairly sandboxy way, even when the setting would seem to be quite restrictive. This ensures that when my players predicatably do something I would never have forseen, I am at least 60% prepared. In the case of the Glorious Brick and its ghostly inhabitant, I was not sure if the group would realise that the ghost was of more use to them - ahem - "alive" than dead, and so prepared the stats for poor Yirlantir, just in case. 

If you are a regular reader, you know what actually happened. However, just so you know what they may have faced, here are the dead ghaerduun's stats. 

Enjoy (and remember to add +10 to the stat modifiers listed in the lower section)

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