A Bit of Lore

SOLUMITE REUNIFICATION, THE (Third Age – Post Sundering); The twenty eight year  period between 1479 and 1507, where the “Seven Solar Orders” became one great order, and sought to unite the church of Solum'Tassadexes under a unifying theology akin to that held in earlier ages before the fracturing of the Sun Gods mind.

Lumor, the ancient (and at the time of the sundering, contested) holy city of Solum'Tassadexes, was strangely untouched by the dimensional catastrophe. This was seen by many as a sign that Solum'Tassadexes had some great plan for his children, a plan, many realised, that could not be realised as long as the church was so wildly divided. The Unification started on the 31/12/1479 (7 years, 7 months and 7 days after the sundering) with the legendary “Seven Brothers Moot”; a meeting of the seven most powerful orders swearing faith to Solum'Tassadexes in his aspect as a wrathful soldier of light and holy power. This meeting was called by the most powerful amongst these - the Order of the Silver Lion - at the behest of their Lord (soon to be High Overlord of the Unification Crusade) Lucentius Solan. 

At this meeting, a pact of unity and shared brotherhood was sworn by the gathered orders, and each was given 1/7th of the holy city to rebuild and protect (leading to the “Great Restoration” of the ancient site). This gave rise to a new, incredibly powerful Order, known as the Refulgent Order of the Solar Lord (usually just shortened to the Refulgent Knights, Refulgent Order, Solar Lords, Sun Lords, or Knights Refulgent). Their standard depicted a stylised sun, from which radiated seven fiery swords, blades pointed outwards.

Initially the main focus of the order was to bring unity to the faith as a whole; the plan being to accept into their brotherhood those that could be convinced to see their viewpoint, and to exterminate those that could not. This lead to the Unification Crusades – a bloody and vicious time of merciless warfare between the supporters of Solum'Tassadexes' various alternate scriptures, and to the emergence of Lumor and its war council as a major rallying point for the people of Fey in the dark years following the sundering. 

(It should be noted that although the main push of the crusades ended in the autumn of 1507, there are always ongoing conflicts between the Knights Refulgent, and various other factions of Solum's church).

With the reunification “compete”, the Knights Refulgent worked to create a stable and peaceful realm around the holy city, safe from the predations of the horrors of the sundering, and within 250 years of the “end” of the unification crusades, seven citadels guarded the edge of Lumor's domain, each named after a Lord of the founding Orders.