Some Slight Changes On Their Way

I am running a LOT of games at the moment; five games of D&D, and soon a Deathwatch campaign too. I also have a full time job, a subscription to Star Wars the Old Republic, a Minecraft habit, Magic the Gathering cravings, and soon, Guildwars II.

My point?

I also need to find time to do something else - like walking - before my heart calicifies and I explode in a sticky mass of giblets and half-digested pies, and with all these less than active hobbies, as well as the write ups, I am struggling to find time.

So, I shall be changing the way I do some of the writeups a bit, in order to give me more time to play outside.

I shall continue to write up the Ormid et al game as I always have. It was my first 4e "proper" campaign, and it has a definite stop point written into it (though in real time, it is probably 1 - 2 years away). Two of my other groups don't currently get write ups. However, I would like to start a "State of Play" style write up for them, as well as the Shnecke's Wolves and Seren / Emmiven games, which will give you quick low-down on what's going on, who killed who, and where possible, some nice stats to go with them.

I know this might be seen as a bit of a blow, but truth be told, I currently find the writeups a bit like homework, and find myself no longer looking forwards to them - mainly because I would rather be writing new stuff for the next game.

So that's how it will be from now on. I hope this doesn't piss anyone off too much - you will still be following the adventure's of the undead barbarian and his suspect allies, not to mention getting updates on some adventurer's you have not met yet, but you won't be getting the flowery prose and long chunks of dialogue.

Unless someone else out the game wants to do them of course?