Xixian Nightmare - Level 20 Trap

Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates. There have been some sad times in my family at the moment, and I have not been running any games as a result. However, on this sunny Easter Friday, I thought I would share the glimpse of damnation that affected Ormid and his gang as they rode the in the Collegiate's elevator...

In the game I played it completely straight, and it took the players (24 year veterans of my campaigns) about 5 minutes to work out what was going on) - and by players, I mean Craig, who plays Ormid. I also played the artificers' "death" straight too, stating he was at negative bloodied hit points, and was dead. 

They believed me for a moment I think too. 

The relief when they realised it was another Xixian mind trick was palpable - though the hefty damage was a nasty little reminder of their character's weak psyches!