DnD No...

...DnD Next, is definitely not for me. Yes, it feels and looks an awful lot like earlier editions, but I'll be honest, I'm happy to not be playing those any more. 

I can confirm, having read the playtest material, that if it represents the "forward" direction of D&D, I'll be digging in my heels, and fighting not to be dragged, screaming backwards...

Still, it means more and more 4e stuff here for you yet to come, and lots of freed up cash to spend on minis and other things. 

It may also be the thing that finally brings many old school players back - just not me - and that's a good thing for the hobby. I LOVED AD&D 1st and 2nd ed, practically worshipped 3.0 and 3.5, played old school "basic" D&D (Shadow Elves FTW). However, I was swept away by 4.0, and it feels like the right fit for my high-magic, epic games.

I know the material provided is very much alpha, but it feels too much like 1st ed. It's killed my interest (what little I had) as quickly as my 5th level fighter (5/2 attacks), kills a 1HD Giant Centipede.

Sorry Wizards, but you will be losing this customer after 24 years of loyal, slavish devotion.


  1. What if a mod adds in stuff to bring it up to 4E? And then adds more stuff that 4E is missing (like more classes, spells and other things you may like), especially since new content for 4E directly is pretty much done? DnDNext is not done with what it is doing. This is a simple playtest of core mechanics (how to roll the dice) and really doesn't include character building and combat interactions, stuff upon which 4E is built.

    From what I've seen so far you can play 4E style games with 5E...just not with this specific playtest. I would think if you stuck with D&D for 24 years you would at least wait to see the final product for 5E before writing it off.

  2. But why spend a ton of money on a new system, just to play the exact same game I already have the rules for, and enjoy playing? That makes no sense; it's like buying a new car when you have one that works perfectly well, for no other reason that it's the NEW car.

    This isn't a "DnD Next is crap" rant, it's a "DnD Next isn't for me and mine" rant. I can play any of the older editions whenever I want, as I have all my rule books, but those systems became too much work. 4e remains a joy to play, and I just don't need a new ruleset.

    DnD Next may well reunite many gamers, who are seeing the cracks in their respective systems, but it will see me spending my money elsewhere - though as stated, the new WoTC mini's are pre-ordered!

  3. One rule I *do* like is the advantage rule - I may (if my players are happy to) poach that to replace the static +2 bonus from Combat Advantage!


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