Mike Mearls Interview - *still* not feeling 5e at all!

However, I still just don't see the need for a new game (for my group), and although I will be interested to read, and likely play, the playtest material, I just cannot see me bothering to go through another massive ruleset change as 4e does everything I need it to - including plenty of non-combat / roleplay stuff. 

Meh. I am looking forwards to the new mini's however, and to having cash spare for increasing my collection of mini's, accesories and scenery bits and bobs!


  1. Thanks for the kind words about the interview, I tried to represent the general fan and not an edition specific fan. We are still so far out from 5E being complete and it is in such flux that how it turns out remains to be seen. I am curious myself.

  2. I have to say I think you hit the major issue with any revision. If the edition you are playing (of any game not just D&D) is working for you then there seems little drive to actually deal with a new edition. BTW, you see this in the software world as well. Companies keep releasing new version of their software and yet customers will not upgrade because the version they have works for them.

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