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I turn 38 next week, and instead of getting hammered, I am running a two day event for my friends. I have converted the original Tomb of Horrors into a 4thCore module, and will be running my friends through it. Those that score the most points (see below), will earn some niceness for their "real" characters in their normal games.

I intend to record these games, and will post links to them here, so, if you want to hear how they do, please download and have a listen. The games are running July 7th and 8th, and with luck, the recordings will be live  a few days after that.

Here are the game rules that will cover the session (from the Facebook group I set up)

* Extended Rests: You won't have time to take any extended rests. The Tomb is a toxic place of ancient, vile evil, and should your characters remain there any longer than 6 hours, they will die. 

* Scoring: Each area you complete without a character death gets you 10 points. If you manage to defeat Acecererak and escape the tomb in the real world and game world time strictures, you will earn a bonus of 500 points. The group with the most points by the end of the game wins nice things for their characters in the other, regular campaigns. 

* Death: It's going to happen, probably a lot. Each death subtracts 30 points from your total. A slain character is returned to life at the end of the encounter that slew them, at full health and ability (as if they had taken an Extended Rest)

* Suicide / Deliberate Death: I can hear your brains right now. "I'll blow my dailies and then get 'accidentally' killed" you think. A deliberate death will see ALL POINTS being lost, so be my guest! :D

* Real World Time Constraints: 5 hours should be long enough to somehow defeat the Lich. If you have not escaped the tomb by then, the game ends...and your characters are assumed to die a horrible and final death!

* Time Table: Obviously, it will be pretty important to make sure that everyone is ready to play on time, and that we have time to eat. So, let's try to be ready to start playing at 10AM on your respective day (feel free to get to ours by 09:00). We'll play until 13:00, eat, and try to start again at 15:00, with the end occuring (messily and with much screaming most likely) at 17:00. Then....if you are free....the Nags Head and beer awaits (though this is up to you of course)

* Snacks etc: Usual deal really. However, as this is my birthday celebration, I will prolly provide some (cheap) booze...Mmmmmm cheap....."

Also, here is a link to a pretty interesting article about the Drow and their origins. Enjoy!


  1. Just got to the end of the post and I'm happy to see there will be some drinking involved, it is your birthday after all. And the Nag's Head? Sounds like an English pub to me. Or are you a lucky American with a cool pub near by?

  2. English :D They all have names like that round here; The Vines, Masons Arms, The Hanging Gate, The Dead Poet, to name but a few :D


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